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Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Fair Share
A modern-love dilemma—navigating joint custody of the pup.
We all know pets are great for getting us out of our funk when we’re sad or stressed. So what happens when we’re going through a breakup and we share our pooch with our soon-to-be ex? Is it better for one person to walk away, or is successful shared custody possible? Many of us are finding creative solutions to this potentially heartbreaking dilemma.   I confess I’m no stranger to the question of...
Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Life Vest
Helping law dogs
Law enforcement dogs—who are often sent ahead of their human counterparts to investigate dangerous situations and apprehend shady suspects—have one of the toughest jobs in the canine world. Unfortunately, many crime prevention agencies and police departments lack the funds necessary to outfit their dogs with life-saving Kevlar vests. Through the help of private donations, Vest-A-Dog is committed...