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Good Teeth Can Promote Good Health in Your Dog
More than a pretty smile
What do you think of when you think about dental tartar and dental disease in dogs? Maybe bad breath, or trouble chewing, or even just avoiding being bitten by those yellowed choppers. But usually, we don’t link dental disease to any real health risks for the dog. Unfortunately, this assumption is not true. Indeed, dental disease can contribute to serious health problems. Bacteria from oral...
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Choosing a Vaccination Schedule for Your Dog
Veterinary professionals are increasingly supportive of conservative vaccination schedules and use of titers
There is a lot of controversy about vaccinations for dogs. Questions of which ones to give, why to avoid them, why to give them, how long they last, what exactly they do to the body/the immune system, and I’m sure, a million other permutations on this tricky subject have been asked. I will begin with a disclaimer. There are research papers available on vaccinations and blood titers that can both...