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Dog's Life: Humane
Behind the Lens
Q&A with Photographer Tracey Buyce, Volunteer and Board Member, Cats and Dogs International
While writing about Cats and Dogs International (CANDi) for the Spring 2015 issue, we were in touch with board member Tracey Buyce, who’s also the organization’s volunteer photographer; she made many good points that space prevented us from including in the print article. Here’s the “value-added” expanded version of that conversation. Bark: What motivated you to become involved with CANDi? Tracey...
Magazine: 2015
Issue 81: Spring 2015
On the Road to Discovery
We have a special theme for our Spring issue so be prepared to be carried away as we consider the transportive idea of “journeys,” the many ways our trusty canine co-pilots guide and accompany us on the road—both real and metaphoric—to exploration and revelation. In this issue’s globe-spanning stories, a dog helps a traveler navigate an ancient ruin and imparts an invaluable lesson, an...
Dog's Life: Travel
Dog Friendly Travel: Palm Coast Florida
Florida attracts visitors year round, but the winter and spring seasons are especially inviting. On the northeastern shoreline—known as the “quiet side”—Palm Coast and Flagler County deserve special mention for their dog-friendliness. This stretch of oceanfront has a laid-back, smalltown flavor; unlike other coastal areas, the beaches are uncluttered by cars or buildings—no high-rise hotels here...
Culture: DogPatch
Sketchbook: Stephanie Birdsong
Babe is one of my beloved dogs and yes, sometimes she can’t see very well through her shaggy mop. But I’ll tell you a little secret: she’s not very good at catch whether her hair is trimmed or not. I can’t say what issues the folks on the right have.
I began doing sketchbooks in a little 3.5 x 5 inch journal about six years ago. I was already doing to-do lists to keep track of all my nutty daily tasks, and I decided to try to do a painting next to my lists every day if possible. As an art director, turned illustrator, turned art director, I missed painting and knew I’d need to get back in the habit by doing it regularly. I would often start...
Culture: DogPatch
Family Dog: Neva
Neva, a lovely combo of Scottish Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound and perhaps Pointer, spent three months in a Kansas shelter before being adopted in 2012 by Alexandra Judycki. Alexandra drove six hours each way to get Neva and bring her home to New Mexico. When Alexandra and her fiancé Linton were married in Telluride, Colo., Neva was their regal maid of honor (see photo). Currently, Neva serves as...
Weekly Smilers 11-24-2014
Smiling Dogs
Our featured smilers of the week.  This week: Ava, Axel, Jesse, Mishka and Sissy See more smiling dogs in our gallery or share your own.
Weekly Smilers 11-17-2014
Smiling Dog
Our featured smilers of the week.  This week: Katie, Maxx, Mila, Mischief and Tripp See more smiling dogs in our gallery or share your own.
Magazine: 2014
Issue 80: Winter 2014
For the final issue of 2014, we are tickled to have Hilary Swank (and her dogs, Rumi and Kai) on the cover. While it’s been our custom for all-dog covers, we’re going “All Star” here because we were inspired by Hilary’s co-producing a rescue extravaganza on Thanksgiving evening called Fox’s Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Special. I talk with her about her rescue work and about how dogs have...
Weekly Smilers 11-10-2014
Smiling Dogs
Our featured smilers of the week.  This week: Boxy (adoptable), Icee, Millie, Tanaka and Ty See more smiling dogs in our gallery or share your own.
Weekly Smilers 11-4-2014
Smiling Dogs
Our featured smilers of the week.  This week: Chippy, Chole, Georgia, Harry, and Kylah. See more smiling dogs in our gallery or share your own.