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Yum! Winner Announcement
Yum! Winner Nola

Congrats to Stephanie Palmieri and Nola, winners of the Yum! Never Run Out contest!

Nola is a 5-month old Labrador Retriever living in Los Angeles, California. She loves her Mallard duck toy that she carries around to hear it quack and she loves to chase her cat Gatsby around the house. Nola’s person, Stephanie, is sure that she and Gatsby will become best buddies once Nola is a little bit older. Nola also loves going to the beach and flopping around in the sand!

Enjoy your year’s supply of food and treats from Petflow.com, Nola. You lucky dog!

Weekly Smilers - February 7th 2011
Smiling Dogs

Great batch of weekly smilers. Send in your photo!

Culture: DogPatch
Every Home Needs a Harvey
YouTube hit touts the joys of adoption.

Stuck in a shelter, a resourceful Terrier named Harvey markets himself to prospective adopters with a video showing him delivering slippers, playing chess with junior, doing laundry, roasting chicken and even cleaning windows. It’s a commercial within a commercial created by UK-based Thinkbox to promote TV as a marketing medium while making a sweet case for the joys of adopting a shelter dog. (The pup performer who plays Harvey was once a stray himself.) Harvey crossed the pond late last year via YouTube and Facebook — check him out.

Wellness: Healthy Living
More Advice for Graying Dogs
Dr. Nicholas Dodman on keeping your aging dog happy and healthy.

Couldn’t get enough of Dr. Nicholas Dodman’s senior dog tips in our last issue? We asked Dodman even more questions about his latest book, Good Old Dog, and what you can do to keep your aging dog as happy and healthy as ever.

Weekly Smilers - January 31st 2011
Smiling Dogs

Your weekly source for wonderfuly smiling dogs. Submit your photo here.

Weekly Smilers - January 24th 2011
Smiling Dogs
Dog's Life: DIY
Knitted Dogs

Immortalize your pup in yarn by following the patterns in Knit Your Own Dog by Sally Muir and Joanna Osbourne. Using just simple knit, purl and loopy stitches, capture a Bulldog’s wrinkles, a Poodle’s curls or an Afghan’s flowing mane— 25 breeds in all. Download the pattern below to try your knitter’s hand at the Jack Russell Terrier pattern.

Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Superbowl Game Day Dog Walk

It’s easy to spend Superbowl Sunday glued to the couch, sucked in by the game, the million dollar commercials and all that food. Subaru reminds you to spend some quality time with your own MVP—your Most Valuable Pooch—this Superbowl Sunday. Take a time-out from the TV, grab a leash and join in on the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk. Kick off an annual tradition: just you, your dog and maybe a few fellow dog walkers enjoying a day free of the usual street noise and crowds—it could be your favorite walk of the year! Then head over to subaru.com/dogs and enter your dog to win one of 50 Most Valuable Pooch prizes. Even if your football team doesn’t win, you’ll still be a champion in your dog’s eyes.

Weekly Smilers - January 17th 2011
Smiling Dogs
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Valentine’s Day Poetry Contest 2011

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Write an ode to your dog—we’ve got prizes for you!

We know you love your dog, and what better way to express that love than in verse? Enter The Bark’s Puppy Love Poetry Contest on Facebook. Finish the classic doggerel, “Roses are red, Violets are blue,” with a few lines about your canine Valentine as a comment on our wall. We’ll have prizes for our favorites, including Sweet Heart Collar Art from Beantown Handmade (3), a Doodle Dog Tote from Crypton (2), and Valentine’s cards from RiverDog Prints (1).

Multiple entries—and wild creativity—are welcome. The contest ends February 14th 2011 at 11:59 PM PST, so start channeling your inner Shakespeare!