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September 14th 2009
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Strokes for The Bark
Like canine pals, we respond to praise.
The Bark received a couple media treats recently and, well, we wagged our tails.  In the “Magazine Rack” column on MediaPost.com, William G. McGee found lots to love in our July/August 2009 issue. He writes, “…even those without a love for furry friends could find something compelling in these pages. Really.” And it’s with a certain amount of pride we realized we made Asylum UK magazine’s list of...
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Thursday Night Suppers
Kansas City couple honors their dog’s memory by inviting strangers to dinner.
When Tricia and Mike Smith put their dog Molly to sleep earlier this year it left a big hole in their lives. They missed their Boston Terrier’s zest for life but weren’t ready to adopt a new pup. So they decided to pay tribute to Molly’s love for parties and socializing by entertaining—with a twist. Tricia, a 35-year-old deputy in the office of the Platte County Recorder of Deeds, and Mike, a 40-...
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Wegman Strikes Again...
His dog Chip is a supernova among the stars.
...with this fabu poster for the Telluride Film Festival...last weekend. (Our invitation must have been lost in the mail.) Read more about Wegman and his work for the film fest.
Sept 7th 2009
Smiling Dogs
More contests! More smilers!
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Call for Help in St. Louis
More volunteers needed for dogs rescued in huge raid.
The Humane Society of Missouri has been relying heavily on volunteers from animal welfare organizations over the past two months as it cares for nearly 500 animals rescued in an enormous federal dog-fighting raid on July 8. But more help is needed.   Hearings regarding the disposition of the dogs have not yet been schedule and the Humane Society expects to be caring for animals at least through...
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Good News Out of Pennsylvania
Governor Rendell signs new animal welfare law.
A Golden Retriever named Maggie celebrated with her co-pilot, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, when he signed House Bill 39 last Thursday. The new law sets expanded guidelines for the care of dogs, specifying certain procedures must be performed by a veterinarian. This is especially good news for puppy mill dogs, who will now be spared the pain of things like ear-cropping and Caesarean births...
August 31st 2009
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Enter the Crypton “Home Away from Home” Contest
Is your local shelter’s lobby looking a little … well … tired? Is its adoption or “meet and greet” room a bit frayed around the edges? Crypton Fabric is here to help brighten up one of these areas with some of its colorful and durable products. Nominate your favorite shelter in 100 words or less—tell us what’s needed to make one of its public areas more inviting. Post as a comment below by...
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Alert: Home Office Danger
Dog lacerates tongue in a paper shredder.
We often write about the joys—and challenges—of having your dog by your side when you work. We’ve even outlined some rules of the road, including keeping paper shredders unplugged. But when it comes to shredders we were worried about tails and ears. Now, we add tongues to that list and special urgency to the warning. You’ll understand when you read about a sweet Miami mutt named Diamond, who...