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June 15th 2009
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Have Van, Will Travel
Q & A with the women behind C.A.R.E.
It’s a simple truth that a homeless dog in the South or the Midwest may have a better chance of finding a good adoptive home in the Northeast or cities in the West. For these dogs in overcrowded, under-funded shelters, transportation can mean the difference between life and death. When Bark editor Claudia Kawczynska adopted Kit and Holly from a rescue in Kentucky over Christmas, she learned the...
June 8th 2009
All new web smilers
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June 1st 2009
More Weekly Web Smilers!
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A Night With Friends
Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter enjoy a private screening of Hotel For Dogs.
“I don’t usually go to these kinds of movies,” Elaine Greene told us this morning, the day after a special screening of Hotel for Dogs in Dearborn, Mich. “I shed some tears but it really inspired me to break through roadblocks and get back to our important work.” As the executive director of Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Greene identified with the movie’s young protagonists, who defy...
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Tip Sheet: Choosing a Daycare or Kennel
Eight questions to ask before leaving your precious pup with strangers.
The world is not a dog’s oyster— unfortunately. The majority of offices, restaurants, hotels, museums and even national parks fail to welcome our canine companions with open arms. Until a major paradigm shifts, we’ll have to leave our dogs behind, sometimes, for work and travel. Happily, many dog-loving entrepreneurs are creating wonderful boarding and daycare environments for our furry friends....
May 26th 2009
New batch of smilers
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Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Dog-Friendly Businesses
[Gallery] Businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday
Dog-Friendly businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday! Related Links:Clif Bar & CompanyDogsterMrs. Grossman'sSur la TableThe Republic of TeaAthleta Replacements, LTD    Thumb Photo: [Athleta] Scooter at Athleta during Halloween Photographs courtesy: Clif Bar & Company, Dogster Inc., Mrs. Grossman's, The Republic of Tea, Athleta, Replacements, LTD, Village Green,...
May 18th 2009
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Wanted: Tips on Local Fun
UPDATE, 7/01: Our July/August issue is now on the newsstands, but there's plenty of summer left and we're still interested in hearing from you about your fave places for dog-friendly fun. Please add yours here. For those who so kindly sent in their tips in May, our most sincere thanks—alas, space was so tight that we weren't able to include them after all. But never fear: With this post, they're...