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We Heart Coneheads
Thanks for sharing your collared canines

There’s something irresistable about a pups in plastic collars. Maybe it’s the way they frame and accentuate their heart-shaped noses, come-hither eyes and expressive ears. We asked for coneheads and We got 'em. Thanks for sharing them with us. We hope all dogs concerned have recovered beautifully. Meanwhile, check out just a few of our favorites here.

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Vue™ Caught In the Act! And the winner is…

 Grand Prize Winner

“It wasn't me mom, it was that cat behind me...really!”

Who could be mad at this face? Definitely not us! In fact, sweet little Jamie (short for Jamison) of East Haven, Conn. had us so enamored that we barely noticed the garbage strewn from hither to yon.

Congratulations to Jamie and her human, Robyn Lisone! You are now the proud owners of a Vue™ Personal Video Network. Robyn, we recommend that you set up one of the cameras next to the garbage bin. We are sure that you'll soon find that it has been the cat all along.




Reader’s Choice Winner

“Feeling Blue After Stealing & Eating A Ballpoint Pen”

Enzo, the oh so blue retriever of Concord, Mass., was such a hit with our Facebook fans that we decided to award him with a Reader’s Choice Award. Congratulations to Enzo and his person, Vicki Lynch—We hope you enjoy the Bark Goodie Bag!

To see all of the entries in Vue™ Caught In the Act contest click here.

Baseball Dog Days [2010]
Dog Days

Warm sun, cold drinks, the crack of the ball against the bat. What says summer like the game of baseball? The only way to make a day at the ballpark any better is by having your pup in the seat next to you. Across the country, baseball clubs are giving fans the opportunity to do just that by offering a special “dog day” game and inviting folks to bring their pups along for the fun.

MLB Dog Days are listed below. To find out if your area’s minor league team is hosting a dog day this season, check out the schedule posted on the team’s webpage.

Oakland Athletics
Dog Day at the Park
July 23
The A's will donate a portion of the proceeds to Dogs4Diabetics, a non-profit organization that trains medical-alert service dogs to detect hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in diabetic youths and adults and alert their partner or other family member of the situation.

Texas Rangers
Dog Day at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
July 25

San Diego Padres
Dog Days of Summer presented by Petco
August 27
Special tickets required. Ticket order forms available at San Diego area PETCO stores
For more information call 619.795.5198 or e-mail dogdays@padres.com

San Francisco Giants
Dog Days of Summer
August 29
A portion of sales benefits the SF SPCA

Atlanta Braves
Bark In the Park
August 29

Cincinnati Reds
Iams Bark In The Park
September 14

Florida Marlins
Bark in the Park
October 2
For questions or more information, call the Humane Society of Greater Miami (305-749-1815)

Kansas City Royals
Bark at the K
October 3
This is an opportunity for Royals fans and dog lovers to attend a Royals game with their pet while supporting three local charities.


June 7th 2010
Smiling Dogs

Send us your smiling dog! Include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo.

Abby, Abby, Abita, Ace, Aika, Alfie, Althea, Andy, Annie, Apollo, Arden, Argento, Augie, Bailey, Barley, Beau, Beauregard, Bennett, Bentley, Blackie, Blaze, Blue, Bobby, Bones, Bonnie, Booger, Boots, Bounce, Brasky, Brie, Briscoe, Bubba, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buttercup, Callie, Charlie, Charlie And Buttercup, Cherokee, Cheyanne, Chip, Cinnia , Claxton, Coco, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cordi, Crispy, Cyrus & Abigail, Daisy Doodle, Dozer, Dudley, Dylan, Ebony, Eli, Eli , Fram, George, Ginger, Girlfriend, Grace, Hannah, Hannah , Harley And Wiggles, Harp, Harry, Hazel, Heidi, Hershey, Hobbes, Holly, Indy, Isabella Caramella, Jake And Maggie, Jake And Roxy, Jakie, Janet And Scott, Jasi, Jaysin, Jesse, Joey, Journey , Juneau, Kali, Kaufi, Khori, Kiara , King, King, Kramer, Kwazi, Kylie, Laura And Howard, Lexis, Lizzie, Logan, Lola, Lola, Louie, Louie, Lucy, Luke , Luna, Lynk, Mackenzie, Madden, Marli, Maryjane And Muffin, Maverick, Max, Max, Mills, Mitzi, Mona Lisa, Munch, Murray, Nacho, Nell, Nikki, Niles, Nitro, Nova & Manny, Nugget And Marilyn, Ollie, Oreo, Oreo, Otelo, Otto, Parker, Parker, Patrick Reilly, Pickmo And Peanut, Pierce And Rose, Pip, Piper, Ponyboy And Harry, Precious, Puzzle And Albert, Rainey, Rascal, Razin Cane And Boo Too, Regan, Rex, Rex, Riley, Roger, Roscoe & Gabby, Rudy, Sake, Sami , Samii, Sapphire & Malone, Sasha-Pie, Sassy , Scout, Seamus, Sedona, Shadow, Shakti, Shandi , Sherwood & Ace, Sierra, Sirius, Skippy And Angel, Smiley, Snoop Dogg, Socks, Sophie , Spencer & Ginger, Steeler, Suki, Summer, Sweet, Tatra, Toby, Tristan And Chloe, Tucker, Tuffy, Uma, Uma, Uta And Mia, Wally, Wendy Jo, Willie, Yoda, Yoda, Zack, Ziggy, Zoey.

Culture: Readers Write
Q&A with Don Katnik
Finalist in The Bark’s 1st Annual Short Story/Fiction Contest talks furry muses

A fictional haven called Dog Island is the setting for Don Katnik’s story, “The Stepping-Off Place” (Bark, Summer 2010), which was one of three finalists in our first-ever fiction contest. A wildlife biologist, Katnik shares his 200-year-old home in Maine with his wife Misty and dogs Copper “The Rocket” and Jedzia Dax. Katnik, 44, took a break from writing, home-improvement projects and dancing (ballroom with Misty, free-style with the Jedzia and Copper) to answer a few questions about Dog Island and fictional canines.

  TheBark.com: How did you get the idea for Dog Island? Don Katnik: So often now places advertised as “dog friendly” are really just “dog tolerant.” It is becoming harder to find places where they are truly welcome. Dog Island was inspired by a real island (pictured in the photo) near us that is one of the few places our dogs can be off-leash. Sadly, there are plans to put a marina there, which will ruin it for the dogs. I wish I could buy it and make it a real Dog Island, but I can’t so I wrote a story about the idea instead.   Have dogs shown up in any of your other stories? Yes, usually as characters with roles rather than just props for the humans. In a novel I’m working on, Edge (based on a real-life search and rescue dog) plays a pivotal part in solving a quadruple homicide. One of the first stories I ever wrote was about an elderly man who crashes into a steep, forested ravine. He lingers for three days, then succumbs to his injuries and isn’t found until his canine companion—who refused to leave while his old friend was still alive—goes back up to the road alone. It’s called “Temporary Road” and is based on something that really happened in northeastern Washington.   Have you had your fiction published before? Yes, but I fear short fiction is a dying art.   What sort of dogs are Jedzia and Copper? Spoiled! Jedzia is a Shepherd-Boxer-something mix. She came from an animal shelter in Washington State. Copper is a Golden Retriever, but a little guy. We got him from a rescue organization in Massachussetts.   Do you have a favorite dog character in a novel, story, movie or painting? I love the dog in Andrew Wyeth’s “Master Bedroom” painting (and was even inspired to have a local artist do a knock-off sketch substituting Jedzia on the bed). It’s a pretty fair representation of how she spends much of her time!   Who is your favorite writer? Have to go with Stephen King. I love how he captures life’s little truisms, like in The Body: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, did you?” Simple words, but profound in making you recognize one of the biggest differences between being a grown up versus a kid.   Have you ever entered a fiction contest before? A few, but they were literary contests more interested in prose than plot. I didn’t do well.


Web Exclusives: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010
Expand your horizons here.

Welcome to our web exclusives. This is where you’ll find new and topical articles, instructions, links for taking action, multimedia bonuses and expanded versions of material in the print magazine. Enjoy!


  • Nose Work Video
  • My Dog Tulip J.R. Ackerley’s classic memoir adapted masterfully to film by Cameron Woo
  • Dogs in the Courtroom A comforting canine presence provides victims with a safe harbor by Rebecca Wallick
  • Courthouse Dogs Expand to Chile Cesar's prize-winning video
  • Q&A with Don Katnik Author of “The Stepping-Off Place” talks about his furry muses
  • Starting with Stockdogs by Donald McCaig


May 24th 2010
Smiling Dogs

 Send us your smiling dog! Include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo.

May 17th 2010
Smiling Dogs
Belle, Bennett, Bella Dynamite, Atlanta, Barney, Angus, Angel, Aisha, Luca.

Send us your smiling dog! Include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo.

May 10th 2010 - Smiling Dogs
Carley and Bruno, Cavan and Fergus, Buddy, Buster & Otis, Bubba, Blue, Brody, Bambi, Alfie.
May 3rd 2010 - Smiling Dogs