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Web Extras & Exclusives: July/Aug 2009
Good stuff we couldn't quite fit into our July 2009 issue.

You know how when you order a milkshake at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor the really good soda jerks always manage to make a little too much, which they let you have to replenish your drink. That’s how we see Web Extras. This is where you’ll find stuff—expanded versions of articles, instructions and links for taking action, and sometimes multi-media bonuses—we couldn’t quite fit in the magazine but that we hope will add to your enjoyment of the current issue.

  • Summer Tune-Up Five tips for leaping into the season on all fours. By Lisa Wogan
  • Dog Camp 101 Or, What I Learned by Starting My Own Dog Camp By Rebecca Wallick
  • Choosing A Daycare or Kennel Eight questions to ask before leaving your precious pup with strangers. By Bark Editors
  • Shep Watch vintage 1940s video of Shep at the Fort Benton Train Station
  • The Value of Screening Tests Who benefits from bundling? By Richard Lerner, DVM, MPH
  • Tips on Local Fun Readers share tips on local favorites By Bark Editors



Culture: Reviews
Summer Reading List

4 Classics
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be
By Farley Mowat
A boy-and-his-dog-and-owl story that will charm the whole family.

Man Meets Dog
By Konrad Lorenz
This slim, witty and intelligent volume by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist is a must-read. It was the first to delve into the canine mind and also launched the debate about the extent to which the behavior of dogs is affected by their wolf ancestors.

My Dog Tulip
By J.R. Ackerley
This unforgettable memoir of a much-loved dog has no equal—be sure to read the edition with the insightful introduction by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.

By Paul Auster
Mr. Bones, “a mutt of no particular worth or distinction,” narrates this unforgettable and poignant tale.

5 New Reads
8 State Hurricane Kate
By Jenny Pavlovic
Powerful account of a cattle dog rescued from a rooftop, and the woman who wouldn’t give up on her.

Bonding with Your Dog
By Victoria Schade
There’s love and there’s the bond—Schade tells you how to have both.

Don’t Dump the Dog
By Randy Grim
Stray Rescue founder shares stories and solutions.

Heroic Measures
By Jill Ciment
In this novel, an elderly couple’s small, gray world is brightened by a dog.

Made for Each Other
By Meg Olmert
A compelling look at the reasons for our innate attraction to animals and the intense relationships we’ve built with them.

Coming Soon
Inside of a Dog
By Alexandra Horowitz
The latest intel on canine cognition—science made accessible and entertaining.

Wellness: Health Care
What to Do if Your Dog is Sprayed by a Skunk

You’ll Need

  • A clean plastic bucket in which to mix the ingredients
  • 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (usually sold in pint bottles, so you’ll need two; use of other strengths is not recommended)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (do not use washing soda, which is much stronger and will burn your dog’s skin.)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid detergent (Softsoap and Ivory liquid are preferred)

How to Use It
Apply to dry dog, working well into the fur. Let stand for about five minutes, then rinse with tepid water; repeat if necessary. Do not store this mixture; it loses it effectiveness and more importantly, it releases oxygen gas and the container could explode. It may bleach the dog’s hair (but better that than the smell!). And remember, the sooner you deal with the skunking, the better, as over time, the smell sets and is harder to eliminate.

Source: Paul Krebaum, Chemical & Engineering News (1993)


June 29th 2009
Smiling Dogs

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June 22nd 2009
Weekly Web Smiling Dogs
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June 15th 2009
June 8th 2009
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June 1st 2009
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May 26th 2009
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Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Dog-Friendly Businesses
[Gallery] Businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday
Dog-Friendly businesses who celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day" everyday!

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Thumb Photo: [Athleta] Scooter at Athleta during Halloween
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