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Weekly Smiler 2-3-14
Smiling Dogs

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This week: Gracie, Maks, Sake, Zaya and Zoey.

News: Guest Posts
Rufo's Story

This video is the story of Rufo, a pit bull mix who, though loving and sweet, could not get adopted. He was deposited at a muncipal shelter at age one. For the next six years he lived in a cage twenty two hours a day.

Now adopted and one of our Smiling Dogs in our new issue. Rufo has many reasons to be smiling now.


Weekly Smiler 1-27-14
Smiling Dogs

Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery.
This week: Bella, Bella, Bunny, Deacon and Lola.

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Weekly Smiler 1-20-14
Smiling Dogs

Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery.
This week: Buddy, Jake, Layla and AnnaBelle, Mercer and Peyton and Madison.

Weekly Smiler 1-13-14
Smiling Dogs

Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery.
This week: Harpy, Lancelot, Moose, Scout and Tsavo.

Weekly Smiler 1-6-14
Smiling Dogs

Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery.
This week: Ben, Charis, Maximus, Riley and Ripple.

News: Editors
Bark Fan Kaley Cuoco Marries!

We want to send special congratulations to one of our biggest fans—Kaley Cuoco. The “Big Bang Theory” star tied the knot with tennis pro, Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve. No word yet if Kaley’s three dogs were in attendance but it wouldn’t surprise us if they were. The other great love of her life are dogs. Cuoco is a longtime animal advocate who tirelessly promotes rescue and adoption. Her rescued Pitbulls Norman, Loretta and Shirley aid in her efforts to rehabilitate the breed’s bad rap. A few years back, Kaley appeared in Men’s Health and was asked to list “4 Things I Want to See You Reading at the Beach”—she replied (for number 3) The Bark: I’m a huge dog lover—I have three—and I love this magazine. It has everything you need to know. I’m also big on rescuing dogs, so if you have a rescued dog sitting beside you while you’re reading The Bark , oh, forget it—I'll marry you right there!

Perhaps, Mr. Sweeting is a Bark reader too?! Best wishes Kaley and Ryan!

Good Dog: Behavior & Training
Learn How to Train Dogs at ClickerExpo 2014
Sponsored by Karen Pryor Clicker Training

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a dog trainer or are already a dog trainer looking to further your education, you won’t want to miss the world’s largest all-positive training conference: ClickerExpo 2014!

Held every year in January and March, ClickerExpo features leading-edge training seminars taught by top trainers from premier animal institutions and schools from all over the world, all brought together by training innovator and author Karen Pryor. Learn the all-positive training techniques used by top animal trainers to teach any animal almost anything. At ClickerExpo you can practice teaching your dog to retrieve (not eat!) a hot dog and watch live training sessions by the faculty.

In addition to courses focusing directly on obedience, agility, service, and behavior management and science, you’ll find a wealth of in-depth courses that apply across disciplines. Teachers and attendees listen, practice, and learn from each other for up to three days of unparalleled interaction in over 60 Sessions and Learning Labs.

ClickerExpo is coming to Virginia March 28-30, 2014 at the beautiful Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel. Can’t make it to Virginia? Look for a 1-Day Live Broadcast in select US cities. For more information or to register, visit www.clickerexpo.com.

“I thought ClickerExpo was a fantastic experience to connect with other trainers with like-minded styles and to hear new ideas that people are working on.”



Dog's Life: DIY
DIY: Personalized Fabrics
Make your own textiles, wallpaper, gift wrap and more—digital printing is all the rage!

Who knew that creating personalized fabrics could be so easy? Anything that can be printed on paper can be printed on fabric, and the possibilities are endless. Put your favorite photo or drawing—of your dog, naturally—on a pillow or quilt, or make a nifty gift wrap. For a festive room decoration, sew or hang small cloth squares on a wide ribbon, à la Mexican papel picado. You can even print on silk—how sweet it is to have a scarf with your pup’s picture on it.

A big fan of “made in America” Pointer-brand denim jackets, I decided to do the ’60s thing and embellish one with a portrait of Lola, my own special Pointer. For the younger set, a photo of sleeping puppies printed and stitched onto a onesie makes an adorable gift. This charming craft started more than 20 years ago, and has been refined and popularized over time. The basic tools are a computer, inkjet printer and fabric. Printers that use the more colorfast, water-resistant, pigmentbased inks are preferred over those using dye (or standard) inks. Major brands such as Epson, HP and Canon have affordable models. For fabric, start off with paper-backed, pretreated and printer-ready cotton sheets. A number of companies, including Jacquard, EQ Printables and Avery, make standard paper-sized sheets as well as fabric rolls. Follow the instructions on the package for preparation and printer settings. More crafty DIYers can apply their own fabric to a backing (called a “carrier”), then treat it so it runs through a printer without jamming.

Go to YouTube for good “how-to” videos detailing all the steps, or find more information at Instructionals.com. Those interested in taking the craft up a notch may want to check out Inkjet Printing on Fabric by fabric designer Heidi Rand, an e-book full of invaluable tips and examples of inspirational creations. There are also many on-demand services that assist you in designing customized textiles. See websites Spoonflower.com, FabriconDemand.com and TheFabricStudio.com for more information.

Try your hand at fabric printing and send us your ideas and examples of your projects—we’d love to see your fabric pooch.

Weekly Smiler 12-30-13
Smiling Dogs

Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery.
This week: Charlie, Cody, Gypsy, Nova and Odin.