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Weekly Smiler 7-1-13
Smiling Dog
Boca - Smiling Dog
Our featured smilers of the week. See more in our Smiling Dogs Gallery. This week: Boca, Isobella, Nina, Sadie and Tico.
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 11: Spring 2000
A full issue featuring Dogs in Cartoons. Including Patrick McDonnell, Lynda Barry, John Callahan, Edward Koren, Art Spiegelman and Odes to Goofy, Barfy, and Earl. Writings by Rick Bass and Barnaby Conrad III. Plus Cynthia Heimel and Ian Shoales Howl at the Moon. In This Issue: FEATURESHappy Campers Patricia Alder goes to the dogs in Lake TahoeA New Breed of Magic by Louise AronsonUnraveling...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 10: Winter 2000
Those of you who have known us back in our tabloid days have witness our various transformations are probably marveling at our latest. To launch the new-year-decade-century-millennium, The Bark is putting the dog in grand style with new paper and plenty of color. But rest assured the gloss hasn’t gone to our heads. To paraphrase a well-known crooner, we gotta be us! In This Issue: FEATURE The...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 09: Fall 1999
Welcome to The Bark’s second annual literature issue, bringing you—The Dogerati —a collection of works by writers and artists in exploration of the miraculous relationship between humans and dogs. Our new format has won your praise, so we’ve expanded it by a whopping sixteen pages You’ll also see a more diversified advertising “portfolio,” with Los Angeles and New York coming aboard. We hope to...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 08: Summer 1999
Can you believe it? The Bark has a new ‘do – looks pretty spiffy, don’t you think? We regret letting our larger, tabloid format go, but in order to keep pace in the publishing world and to get ourselves onto more newsstands, we’ve had a style makeover. We hope you approve. Many of you will find this smaller size easier to read, especially with your dog’s head resting on your lap. But besides the...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 07: Spring 1999
Here we are with No. 7, the first issue in 1999. With every issue we expand a little and with this one we are up to 32-pages. We owe it all to you. Little did we know when we first started out as an 8-page newsletter that we’d strike such a chord. Now that we have been doing it for a while, we’ve come to understand that there are many, like us, who respond to a magazine that brings a literary/...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 06: Fall 1998
The Bark enters a new season. After the frenzy of summertime, it is at long last fall, the time for gathering in the crops and burying bones and nuts for the approaching winter. We wish to welcome those new to The Bark, and hope you find something to your liking in these pages. In This Issue: Works authored by Elliott Erwitt, Vicki Hearne and Brad Watson Essays, interviews, travel, books, film...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 05: Summer 1998
Here for your enjoyment: The Bark 5, a Summer literary issue. Your enthusiasm has given us the incentive to forge onward. We are only a little over a year old, still damp behind the ears, but we are hoping to attract dog lovers nationwide who want a publication that speaks to them. A feature article on us in the San Francisco Examiner Business page in June has worked wonders—garnering attention...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 04: Spring 1998
Welcome to the Winter/Spring Bark. This fourth issue also marks our first anniversary. A year ago we offered you an 8-page newsletter, today we are able to give you 20 big pages chock-full of articles, graphics, and art geared for you, the modern urban dog enthusiast. If you have been with us from the beginning, you will know that our growth has been meteoric. This has propelled us to expand our...
Magazine: 2005 & Earlier
Issue 03: Fall 1997
Welcome to Bark III. Being still so new, a little introduction is in order. We began as a group of newsletter—deprived dog lovers who like to cavort leash-free at César Chavez Park, the wonderful 90 acre park in Berkeley’s Marina. But like this 16 page, tabloid sized issue, we too have progressed from our first. We owe our success in jumping 8 to 12 and now to 16 pages to you, the readers. Our...