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My Dog Is Strange
That's what you're tweeting
When @the_bark tweeted my dog is strange—because, well, ours sure are—we were happy to discover we aren’t alone. There are lots of bubble-blowing, crazy-staring, cupboard-sleeping wonderfully odd pups out there. To find keep up with these canine eccentricities and to tweet into future conversations, follow us on Twitter, where we ponder weighty issues, such as our dog’s weird habits, most...
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Travel Tips
Rachel Ray asks where to stay
When celebrity chef/magazine mogul/ubiquitous TV presence Rachel Ray needs tips on traveling with a pup—who’s she gonna call? Well, Bark magazine, of course. Check out editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska’s suggestions on pet-friendly accommodations.
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Kit's Corner: Fair Traders
Check out our "Fair Traders" Edition of Kit's Corner!
Culture: DogPatch
Kit's Corner: Summer Treats
Summer edition of Kit's Corner!
July 12th 2010
Smiling Dogs
Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Summer Picks Part II
Are the dog days of summer getting you down? Bark editors offer these tips for warm weather fun and merriment.
 Are the dog days of summer getting you down? Bark editors offer these tips for warm weather fun and merriment.
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Sweet Licks Contest
Enter Your “Sweet Licks” photo for a chance to win treats and prizes! Nature's Variety and independent pet food retailers throughout the United States will be hosting fun, cool and tasty dog ice cream socials this weekend, July 17 & 18. Nature's Variety is providing its frozen dessert product for dogs, SweetSpots ®, to nearly 60 different "World's Largest Dog Ice Cream Social" events...
Dog's Life: Travel
Summer Picks
Part 1 of of our favorite ideas for summertime fun...
 Need a little inspiration for your next canine adventure? Bark editors share some of their favorite ideas for summertime fun …  
Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Summer's Best Bets
Check out our suggestions for making your canine co-pilot comfortable, safe and memorable this summer.
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Home Is Where the Bark Is
Enter your DIY doghouse into a competition
There are a lot of elegant, strange and quirky doghouses out there. From straightforward shade providers to structures so tricked out they’d blend in on the Vegas Strip. Maybe because the scale is manageable and the perspective tenants are usually agreeable—especially on aesthetic issues—doghouses draw out the inner architect in us. For too long your design-and-build efforts have gone unsung. But...