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William Wegman
Exclusive: Photos from behind the scenes with the artist & the dogs who inspire him.
Wegman’s dogs explore the Maine woods.
With a new series of children’s books just launched and a full slate of projects ahead, the renowned artist seeks sanctuary—and finds a creative wellspring—in the wilds of Maine. “I spent my whole life watching and caring for them and trying to figure out what works for them. The reason why I’m good at taking their picture is I’m good at taking care of them, and I respect what they want. I’m...
Culture: DogPatch
Wegman's World
Behind the scenes with the artist, his family and the dogs.
William Wegman out for a row with his dogs. See more images of William Wegman in our slideshow.
If you’re a dog and you’re waiting for the Director of Fun to wake up, you’d best find a suitable distraction, because William Wegman is still in bed. Early on a morning shrouded by a dense Maine fog, two-year-old Flo and one-year-old Topper make their way to the kitchen to scarf down healthy servings of oatmeal, freshly cooked for them by the artist’s wife, Christine Burgin. The dogs are Burgin’...
Culture: DogPatch
Dog Stalking Around the Globe
You know that woman who, when she’s on the road and away from her beloved pooch, experiences dog withdrawal and is therefore compelled to chase down and interact with every canine she sees? That woman is me. I can’t help it. I’ve always been this way. I love kids, too — in fact, I adore them — but with dogs, I’m like a heat-seeking missile. Once a dog is in my sights, I must meet him (or her),...