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Dog Culture: Reviews
A Three Dog Life: A Memoir
Harcourt, 192 pp., 2007; $13
The three dogs of Thomas’s wispy, poetic memoir are Harry, an elderly Beagle; Rosie, a Whippet/Dachshund mix whose first owner died on September 11; and Carolina Bones, an American Foxhound so named because she was found abandoned at a rest stop in South Carolina, emaciated to the point that her bones poked through her skin. When her story begins, Thomas had only one dog, Harry. On a night in...
Dog Culture: Stories & Lit
Rex in the City XXIV: Board Approved
A little herbal help for Rex’s party nerves
It’s always stressful to throw your first adult party, and it can be even more stressful if you have a really hyper, poorly trained (or rather, imperfectly trained) dog. It was the year 2000 and Ted and I had just moved to a 350-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn. This was a big step up for us, given that our previous apartment was only 300 square feet. You might be shocked at that number, but we...