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Hollywood Goes to the Dogs
So does the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco
We love seeing pups on film, especially in roles that show them woven into life in realistic ways that celebrate their positive role. And lately it seems a lot of directors agree with us. In the November issue of Bark, we preview several wonderful canine movie performances coming our way over the holiday season. From Leon the Beagle (played by four different canine actors) in We Bought a Zoo to...
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Move Over James Herriot
Dr. Jan Pol’s the vet for the reality TV generation
In recent years, we’ve been hearing about a shortage of large animal veterinarians. As of last fall, nearly 1,300 counties did not have a single doctor for farm animals, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the problem was expected to get worse. I’m thinking the unlikely television star of National Geographic Wild’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” might help to reverse the...
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Shelters Rock
Show how much you appreciate their work
Take a minute this week to reflect on the important service the approximately 3,500 animal shelters and the many more rescue organizations around the country provide by offering refuge to an estimated 6 to 8 million homeless animals every year. They can’t save them all—but shelters and rescues find homes for an astonishing number of them. I think of all the fantastic rescue dogs I have known—...
Magazine: 2010
Cover Dog: Riley
Nov/Dec 2010
Riley as cover dog Canis lupus familiaris with Balearica regulorum
In a farmhouse yard on the central Texas prairie, a fawn-colored Frenchie playfully faces off with an East African grey-crowned crane, and a curious three-year-old girl keeps company with a dama gazelle and a fallow deer—all under the watchful gaze of a serene Golden Retriever named Riley. We learned about Riley and his exotic “playmates” from Rebecca Ross, a wildlife biologist/zoologist/...
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Big Dog, No Heartworm
Mila comes through treatment with flying colors
Back in August, I wrote about a nine-year-old German Shepherd named Mila, who was undergoing heartworm treatment. She’s a foster dog being cared for by Jean, a volunteer for Big Hearts Big Dog Rescue in Western New York. Jean created a blog to report on Mila’s progress and more generally about heartworm prevention and treatment. Mila is Jean’s third heartworm-positive foster dog. For months,...
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Pop Star Adopts Husky-mix Puppy
Setting a good example for young fans
Disney starlet Selena Gomez, traveling in tandem with teen sensation and boyfriend Justin Bieber, adopted a 10-week-old Husky-mix from a Winnipeg shelter over the weekend, according to People magazine. We don’t write much about celebrities and their dogs but this sort of high profile adoption is a good thing, especially when it makes an impression on young, devoted followers. Plus, I love...
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The Unexpected Dog in Margin Call
Locating a heartbeat on Wall Street
I saw the new film Margin Call this weekend, a restrained, engrossing story based on Lehman Brothers’ sell-off of toxic assets, which helped precipitate the 2008 collapse. At the center of the story is Sam Rogers, a life-long Wall Streeter played by Kevin Spacey. Early in the film, we see Sam resting his head on the neck of his chocolate Labrador, who sleeps on a veterinarian’s gurney. We know...
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Service Dogs for Veterans Get a Paw Up
House passes pilot for training dogs, including shelter pups
We’ve been tracking the progress of efforts to pair service dogs with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other post-deployment mental health conditions. We’ve cheered funding, training initiatives and research into the benefits. Slowly but surely the idea that dogs can provide major benefits to veterans is gaining traction in Washington. Last week, the...
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Owney Look-Alikes
With backstories to match
First there was Owney the original—a Terrier-mix stray who became the loveable canine mascot of the Railway Mail Service. Then, there was Owney the stamp. Next, Owney the iPhone app and Owney the star of the interactive e-book Tails from the Rails (to be released later this fall). And, finally, Owney look-alikes. I could suggest this is overkill, except that not only do I find all the Owney...
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Barkitecture: The Cutting Edge of Dog House Design
Austin showcase raises funds for rescue
I don’t think any of my friends with dogs have a for-real dog house. Most of the pups in my circle have worked it out so the human home—with its couches, beds, plushy rugs, toys, freshly filled water bowls, etc.—is their “dog house.” With these delights, why would they embrace a small, cold, damp box in the corner of the yard? Well, the age of the Spartan, Snoopy-style dog house has passed....