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The Bond, Illustrated
Dying man reunited with his best friend
As a blogger, you can feel compelled to add interpretation, context and/or opinion when you link to another story. But not this time, this ABC report about a homeless man reunited with his dog during his last days in a hospice stands alone.
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Hitting the Road with our Furry Co-Pilots
Summer is almost here!
In our summer issue of Bark, we rounded up some of our favorite dog-friendly destinations from camps and swimming holes to happening neighborhoods and rustic lodges. Our readers chipped in as well with their favorite go-to spots and travel advice. We had so many great ideas, we couldn’t fit them all in the magazine, so check out our catalog of fun here. Also, we’re still collecting your ideas,...
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More Food Trucks for Pups
Chicago and Atlanta take a bite out of the moveable feast
When we learned about Phydough, a dog-centric food truck in Los Angeles, we thought it was a pretty great idea. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones. Bringing dog food and treats, especially canine ice cream, to the curbs of America appears to be an innovation whose time has come. In the meantime, we’ve learned about a couple other roving treat vans we wanted to tell you about. (And we’d love...
Dog's Life: Lifestyle
High Rise Pets
Pups very much at home in Texas tower
In mid-June, when the first owners moved into the Austonian, a 56-story luxury high-rise in Austin’s up-and-coming Second Street District, some of their welcome gift bags included biscuits from the Groovy Dog Bakery. This was just one of many gestures aimed at making new canine residents feel at home. “Anybody who visits Austin can see from the get-go that it’s a pet-friendly city, and during...
Dog's Life: Humane
Operation Roger
Trucker transporters
Sue Wiese is a trucker and animal lover who knows how to get the most out of her telephone headset. Founder of Operation Roger, a nonprofit organization made up of regional and long-haul truckers who volunteer their time to transport needy pets as they deliver freight nationwide, she says the idea came to her not long after Hurricane Katrina. She discussed it with friends and family, and they...
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How Dogs Drink
They’re not so different than cats after all
I love research that reveals surprising similarities between species, especially species often depicted as rivals. Last year, when MIT researchers “discovered” cats had a sophisticated and speedy mechanism for drawing fluid into their mouths, which was one reason they aren’t as sloppy as canines, it just seemed like one more example of the old cats are sleeker, neater, smarter argument. The...
Dog's Life: Humane
Animal Rescue Association of Americas Unites the Humane Community
The idea behind the new Animal Rescue Association of the Americas (AnRAA) is simple: pull together as a community for the betterment of all. Of course, anyone who’s volunteered with rescues knows this is easier said than done. Still, AnRAA cofounder and executive director Denise Sproul is undeterred. For years, as the founder of Cascade Beagle Rescue, she longed for a professional association...
We’re Talking Dogs ... About Dogs, That Is
Join the conversation
Time to let the conversation off leash. This is your chance to talk dogs with other Bark readers and our editors and contributors during a real-time chat. Unlike recent open threads, we aren’t featuring a special guest or a theme this week—although we’ll be popping by with some thoughts and questions of our own. Because we know that some folks need an extra push to join the conversation, we’...
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PhyDough’s Dog-Friendly Food Truck
Curbside Treats
A food truck is the stuff of dog dreams — savory delectables delivered to a curb near you and with no restrictions on your choice of dining companions. For years now, gourmet chuck wagons from New York to Seattle and Portland to Atlanta have been building cult followings around kimchi quesadillas, portobello cheesesteaks, pork schnitzel sandwiches and more— often with lucky pups sampling some in...
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Does Your Dog Have the Best Roommate in You?
Tell it to a camera for the chance to win a year rent-free
The folks at Apartments.com are back with their third annual Roommate of the Year Contest. It’s not our contest but how can I pass up a chance to see a loyal Bark reader and his or her faithful co-pilot(s) reaping the benefits of a full rent-free year—or $10,000 in cash?! That’s a lot of kibble. And so far, there aren’t that many entries, especially in the pet category. So think of all of the...