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Lassie’s Timmy
Jon Provost and his Collie co-star.
He was the favorite boy of America's favorite dog. For Jon Provost—“Timmy” on the “Lassie” television show—50 years later, life is still very much about dogs. His recently released autobiography, Timmy’s in the Well: The Jon Provost Story (co-authored with wife, author and Hollywood historian Laurie Jacobson), marks the half-century anniversary of his role on “Lassie.” The photo-filled book reads...
Dog's Life: Humane
Shared Giving
Animal-loving companies direct charitable dollars
Shared Giving
With a donation can on every check-out stand and charitable links on shopping websites, it’s easy for consumers to become mini-philanthropists several times a day. Getting coffee, gassing up the car, even purchasing wine online can include opportunities to do good while doing business. Something as simple as spare change can add up to serious money— just ask the folks at Healthy Spot, a Santa...