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Good Dog: Studies & Research
For Dogs, What We Do is More Important Than What We Say
Research shows that for dogs, actions count
My suspicions were confirmed on December 26, 2002, while at the Metreon Theater in San Francisco. As the youngest in the family, my job was to wait in line for tickets, and, knowing this, I went prepared with a scientific article titled, “Do dogs respond to play signals given by humans?” The research, lead by Nicola Rooney at the Anthrozoology Institute in Southampton, UK, featured 21 dog/owner...
Good Dog: Studies & Research
What Dogs are Saying with their Barks
Research explores animal sounds as a form of communication
A sleep-deprived gentleman once asked me, “How is it that dogs can bark so long? When I yell for hours on end, I lose my voice.” Then he went on to describe the dogs in his neighborhood, whose barking bouts lasted longer than all of the Wagner operas combined. Anyone who’s experienced an epic canine oratorio has probably wondered, “What’s going on? Do dogs just like to hear the sound of their...
Wellness: Healthy Living
Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?
The great grass mystery
Do you ever wonder why your dog eats grass? Is it because he’s sick and he’s trying to induce vomiting? Is he missing fiber or some other nutrient from his diet? Maybe you suspect that eating grass decreases his intestinal parasite load? Well, finally, researchers at the University of California, Davis, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital are seeking answers to these questions. Led by Dr. Karen...
Wellness: Health Care
Vet Advice: Seizures in Dogs and Canine Epilepsy
Don’t delay—see the vet today for a thorough workup
Few events are as terrifying as witnessing your pet in the throes of a full seizure. One second, he looks perfectly normal, and the next, he’s on his side, eyes glazed, muscles twitching frenetically. He may even lose control of his bladder or bowels. A result of abnormal electrical activity in the brain, this episode may last only seconds, but when it happens, time seems to move in slow motion...