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What If Your Dogs Outlive You?
Tragedy leaves four dogs grieving and homeless.
This past Labor Day, suburban Chicago couple Mike and Sue Kelm went for a motorcycle ride. Sue had been battling cancer and was scheduled for surgery later that week. She usually didn't ride with her husband, but it seemed like a nice way to enjoy some time together on a beautiful, warm day. Tragically, a car pulling out of a gas station hit and killed them, leaving behind their beloved pack of...
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Thursday Night Suppers
Kansas City couple honors their dog’s memory by inviting strangers to dinner.
When Tricia and Mike Smith put their dog Molly to sleep earlier this year it left a big hole in their lives. They missed their Boston Terrier’s zest for life but weren’t ready to adopt a new pup. So they decided to pay tribute to Molly’s love for parties and socializing by entertaining—with a twist. Tricia, a 35-year-old deputy in the office of the Platte County Recorder of Deeds, and Mike, a 40-...
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Pit Bull Blues, Redux
New video features man behind the phenom.
In March, we heard about (and shared) “Pit Bull Blues,” a song by John Shipe with a video created by Pit Bull Rescue Central. The Oregon-based singer-songwriter was inspired by his Pit Bull, Zoe, and how people were often afraid of her. At the time, he didn’t know much about larger difficulties faced by Pit Bulls and Pit Bull-mixes. And it was well before the arrest of Michael Vick. His song...
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Three Goodbyes
A trio of short, sweet tributes to lost friends.
Our Darling Chelsea, 1989-2009 You were a Christmas present to your daddy when he was just six-and-a-half-years-old, and I had the pleasure of having you in my life for almost four years. You were such a sweet baby girl my Chelly Belly, my Charlie. We will never forget you and we will always love you.   Until we see you again, we love you our baby girl dog! xoxoxo —Diane Gansmann, House...
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A Creative Twist on Animal Welfare
New initiative helps low-income artists cover medical care for their pets.
Laura Menck doesn’t want artists to have to choose between caring for themselves or their animals. But she knows it happens all the time. Her husband, rock musician Ric Menck, is one of many artists who have gone into debt over pet care costs. So she got together with some like-minded arts-loving, animal-welfare advocates to build a backstop against just such a problem. The Animal Care for...
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Wegman Strikes Again...
His dog Chip is a supernova among the stars.
...with this fabu poster for the Telluride Film Festival...last weekend. (Our invitation must have been lost in the mail.) Read more about Wegman and his work for the film fest.
News: Karen B. London
No Animals Were Harmed
Or were they?
Recently, several movies have shown unauthorized disclaimers at the end of the credits stating that no animals were harmed in the making of the film. Only the American Humane Association has the authority to grant this disclaimer to a film, and that’s after careful monitoring and inspection of the set and the animal actors involved in the film’s production. Some films have posted this disclaimer...
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New Tool for Adoption Efforts
Videotaping temperament tests?
Ozzie, a four-ish Shar Pei-mix with a brindle coat was delivered to a Los Angeles shelter in a shopping cart. The day dog trainer Robert Cabral met him, the dog laid on the floor in total shock. Because of this, Cabral says, Ozzie was “red-listed,” given fewer than seven days before being euthanized. So Cabral administered and videotaped a temperament test, which Ozzie appears to ace, and sent it...
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Enter the Crypton “Home Away from Home” Contest
Is your local shelter’s lobby looking a little … well … tired? Is its adoption or “meet and greet” room a bit frayed around the edges? Crypton Fabric is here to help brighten up one of these areas with some of its colorful and durable products. Nominate your favorite shelter in 100 words or less—tell us what’s needed to make one of its public areas more inviting. Post as a comment below by...
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Alert: Home Office Danger
Dog lacerates tongue in a paper shredder.
We often write about the joys—and challenges—of having your dog by your side when you work. We’ve even outlined some rules of the road, including keeping paper shredders unplugged. But when it comes to shredders we were worried about tails and ears. Now, we add tongues to that list and special urgency to the warning. You’ll understand when you read about a sweet Miami mutt named Diamond, who...