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Family Dog: Derby
Bruce Gordon with Derby, circa 1950, in front of the family home in Boston. Heather Gordon Huntington, who sent us this photo and the story behind it, says that she’d heard stories about Derby all her life—the Boxer had almost mythical status in her family.He followed her father to school, then broke into the cloakroom and ate everyone’s lunches before escaping; he was the happy recipient of her...
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Got A Great Pet Product Idea?
Cash in with PetSmart’s “Live Product Search.”
A couple years ago, I interviewed Joe Markham for Dog Park Wisdom. In the 1970s, his German Shepherd Fritz picked up the tooth-destroying habit of chewing rocks. Markham, who had no aspirations to become a pet toy entrepreneur, searched far and wide for an alternative but Fritz either ignored store-bought playthings or ripped them up. One day, Markham grabbed a snubber—a rubber, beehive-shaped...
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Win Squeaky-Green Prizes
When you share your dog-centered, eco-smart ideas.
Dogs are naturally green. They rarely drive. They are happy to gobble up whatever is left on our plates and just as eager to chomp on a branch as a pricey plastic bone. Unfortunately, they aren’t in charge of most households. They rely on a biped with a wallet and a driver’s license to make smart choices about what’s good for them and good for the planet. To mark Earth Day we are sharing our dog...
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Dirty Bow Wow
Post your Dirty Bow Wow stories
Does your dog have a much-loved but disgusting doggy toy? She’s in good company, as revealed in the new book Dirty Bow Wow. We're giving away 5 copies of the book to five lucky readers! Win a copy of Dirty Bow Wow by sending a photo and short (50 words or less) story about your dog's favorite bow wow. [ Contest Closed ]     NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter or win the sweepstakes. If entry is...
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[Enter to Win] Fun prizes and Bark goodies
We have giveaways! Enter to win free stuff like the Bark's Dog is my Co-Pilot bumperstickers, t-shirts, books, subscriptions, toys, and other goodies! Enter as many times as you like--what's important is we want to hear from you! Check back for new giveaways.       Howl Giveaway Enter to win a copy of our book Howl. [Contest Closed] Subscription Giveaway Win a one year...
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Show & Tell
Dog Days of Winter
“Lucy is a gentle and passionate nine-year-old Golden Retriever who lives life to its fullest. She loves her special time after one of our Northeast snowstorms, which provide her with the magical frolicking moments that cure those winter blues. Lucy spends hours making snow dog angels and stuffing her head completely into the fluffy stuff. She comes up for air occasionally, always with an icy...
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Show & Tell: Dog Is Her Co-Pilot
“Iggy bonds with our daughter ... as a puppy ... and as an adult.” —Lisa Prince Fishler, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.                       Send us your photos. Topics include Dog Is My Co-Pilot, My Dog Tickles My Funny Bone, or just about anything that captures your dog's special something. Send the photo with a brief description, to editor@thebark.com. Winners online receive a subscription (new or...
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How I Found My Dog: Love At First Lick
I found Frances on June 11, 2005. I was setting up a picnic in a park in Queens, N.Y., and my friend started pointing to a creature crawling out of the pond (swamp). “Oh my god, it’s a dog!” I said, as I started running towards him. He ran from me for a minute or two. Then, was so afraid, he peed. Then he kissed me. He was covered in pond scum and hives, and the pads of his feet were either worn...
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Big Love, Big Winners
Our five favorite reader Love Stories
We celebrated Valentine’s month (oh, you thought it was just a day?) by inviting you to count the ways you love your dogs—and then to share the results with us in 100 words or less. Thanks to everyone who submitted love stories. Not only did you manage to stay darn close to the word count, you reminded us of so many things we love about our dogs, and sometimes forget to appreciate, and gave us a...
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Show & Tell: Gone Fishing
Luna has always hunted rabbits and squirrels, but now that she's older and slower she's taken up fishing. She watches bluegills from our lakeside deck. Once, wading, she actually caught one but spit it right out. We think she was expecting it to have fur. -- Susan Sanders, Richfield, Wisc.                   Send us your photos. Topics include Dog Is My Co-Pilot, My Dog Tickles My Funny Bone, or...