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How I Found My Dog
What’s your story?
Enter Now! Behind each of our dog match-ups is a tale. Share yours with us (500 words or less) and include a photo if possible. Email to founddog@thebark.com. If your entry is selected for publication in the magazine or on the website, we will be in touch, so be sure to include contact information in the body of the email.
News: Contests
Show & Tell Winners Dec 2008
[Top left] Thomas Rote's photo of Misty & Taz (two of his five Aussies) sharing their wish list with their favorite holiday lap.[Middle] Karen Andrew submitted this charming photo of her Roo, who, she tells us, "loves to jump and climb trees." Roo and Karen live near the James River in Richmond, Va.[Top right] Richard Stringer's, co-pilot, Harley rides along in a namesake Harley sidecar—...
News: Contests
My Dog Tickles My Funny Bone
Birdie’s photo, sent in by Jennifer Holt, launches our “My Dog Tickles My Funny Bone” contest. According to Jennifer, Birdie (shown here perching on the lap of Jennifer’s niece, Elizabeth) taught herself this “tickle my funny bone” trick, and regularly entertains guests to the Holts’ basement rec room with her “lappings.” Does your dog do something that makes you laugh? Do you have a photo of her...