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Magazine: 2012
Meet Finnegan
Cover Dog: Jan/Feb 2012
Kristen Byrne and her husband, Stewart Pelto, are proud parents of their dog, Finnegan, whom they adopted when he was just a "baby Ewok".
Magazine: 2010
Cover Dog: Riley
Nov/Dec 2010
Riley as cover dog Canis lupus familiaris with Balearica regulorum
In a farmhouse yard on the central Texas prairie, a fawn-colored Frenchie playfully faces off with an East African grey-crowned crane, and a curious three-year-old girl keeps company with a dama gazelle and a fallow deer—all under the watchful gaze of a serene Golden Retriever named Riley. We learned about Riley and his exotic “playmates” from Rebecca Ross, a wildlife biologist/zoologist/...
Magazine: 2011
Meet Buckeye
Cover Dog: Nov/Dec 2011
Back in June, Darlynn and Jay Lundi of Rolesville, N.C., fostered three Llewellin Setter puppies after rescuing them from an abusive situation. The Lundis have been fostering for their local shelter, the Wake County Animal Shelter for the past year. When they heard about some Setter puppies being raised in sub-standard conditions, Jay went out to investigate. What he found was a five male and...
Magazine: 2011
Beau, Paisley, Portia, Bella: Cover Dogs
September/October 2011
Beau, Paisley, Portia and Bella brightened our days when Jenny Froh submitted their photo for Bark’s Smiling Dogs contest. A professional pet and portrait photographer in Flower Mound, Tex., Froh was fostering Paisley and Portia, when she photographed the four littermates to help them find forever homes. Originally, there were six puppies in all from a St. Bernard/Great Dane mix mother. They...
Magazine: 2011
Cover Dog: Bayou
Apr/May 2011
Kartik, Bayou and Breeze
These days, Bayou enjoys long strolls down Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, Calif., and the occasional scratch behind the ears from a celebrity admirer. But he was nearly born on the side of a dangerous highway in Austin, Tex. Austin resident Kincade Park spotted a pair of dogs running along the highway on his daily drive. The next day, he saw that one of the dogs had been killed by a car, and...
Magazine: 2010
Preview: Sep/Oct # 61
Editor's Letter
Bark 61
Home, as we all know, is where the dogs are. Nothing brought that more to light than Hurricane Katrina, whose five-year remembrance is being marked this year; go online to read award-winning Katrina stories from the pages of Bark. In this issue, we examine the idea of “home” from many angles, including home delivery of professional services and home-insurance companies’ breed restrictions. We...
Magazine: 2010
Cover Dog: Bentley
Sept/Oct 2010
Bentley is very much the star of Christine’s life, “He is such a snuggle-pup that brings a smile to my face every day … He brings joy to everyone who meets him.” Her hope of sharing the joys of bully breeds was realized when she won the Greenies® Show Us Your Pet’s Healthy Smile contest. With over 100,000 votes, Bark Publisher Cameron Woo and Dr. Jan Bellows, DVM, one of America’s foremost...
Magazine: 2010
Meet Harry Cooper
Jun/Jul/Aug 2010 Cover Dog
Meet Harry, Bark’s current cover dog—a loveable Tibetan Terrier who lives in Sonoma County and enjoys life as the muse of photographer Stephanie Rausser. Hello Harry!
Magazine: 2010
Cover Dogs: Flower, Candice, Ladybug and Edgar
Apr/May 2010
  When our dear friend Julie wrote saying she was fostering four young puppies, we knew exactly who our cover dogs would be for Bark’s upcoming Spring cover. Who can resist a gaggle of puppies? Julie specializes in rescuing and rehoming German Shorthair Pointers, but when a friend dropped off four 6-week old mixed puppies, she could not refuse their charms and committed to finding them all...
Magazine: 2010
Cover Girl: Millie
Millie is a three-year-old Dachshund/Poodle mix who lives in Inglewood, Calif., with Andy and Jillian Domin, and Teddie, a Bichon/Shih-Tzu mix. Her favorite word is “Dinner,” her favorite food is everything, and she aspires to therapy dog work.