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Magazine: 2009
Cover Dog Charlie
Our Nov. '09/Jan '10 issue cover dog, Charlie, is one of the cutest pups we've ever seen. Her photo (at left) and story from Aly Anderson came to us on a Monday, and within a week, she was posing for Amanda Jones for the cover. Charlie was rescued from a Guatemala street in March of this year and nursed back to health by the folks at AWARE. At three months old, she was on a plane to Los Angeles...
Magazine: 2009
Meet Charlotte
Cover Dog: May/Jun 2009
“Cute, sweet and cuddles good”—Heather LaHaise’s son provides the perfect description of Charlotte, the six-month-old Pit Bull girl on our cover, photographed by Amanda Jones during a southeastern swing. This little Southern belle was scooped up from a Columbia, S.C., roadside and taken to Wescott Acres Pet Rescue, where LaHaise found her and took her home. Charlotte now occupies her days...
Magazine: 2009
Meet Mr. Tuvok
Cover Dog: Mar/Apr 2009
Join us in a round of applause for Mr. Tuvok, a 14-year-old, 10-pound Terrier mix who’s the light of his family’s life. In 2002, while living in Dallas, Hélène Côté and Mike Charlasch decided they needed a dog, one small enough to travel easily and spry enough to take part in outdoor adventures. They found their match in Mr. Tuvok, a pint-sized charmer they adopted from the Protective Animal...
Magazine: 2009
Cover Dog: Lola
Jan/Feb 2009
Cover Dog Lola: Nature Lover, Little Sister, Crosscountry runner, Funny Girl and Bark’s newest co-pilot. I discovered our new dog Lola via petfinder.org. When I saw her photo, I was instantly besotted. I had only a few criteria in mind for a new dog: She should not look like our dog who had recently passed away (our dearest Nellie), be good with cats, have no “issues” with old dog Lenny (...
Magazine: 2008
Flake, Gadget and Pilot: Cover Dogs
Jan/Feb 2008
Our winner for this issue is Sarah Babcock, who sent us three submissions, all charming dogs adopted from the Richmond SPCA in Virginia. When we queried her about her entries—trying to see if it would be possible to fit all of them on the cover—we learned that Sarah had, in fact, three more dogs whose photos she had not submitted! So with all that talent on our doorstep, we decided to make...
Magazine: 2008
Rudy: Cover Dog
 Rudy, the Shepherd-mix shelter pup formerly known as Tazzie, was adopted by Lauren Bianco from the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, N.J., when he was five months old. Now, two years later, he’s strutting his stuff on our cover, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Rudy and his family call Hoboken home, and he loves city life—especially the dog parks, where he has many friends—and car rides....
Magazine: 2008
Boog: Cover Dog
May/June 2008
 Is that a Setter, a Spaniel, a Dalmatian? Nope, he’s a Large Münsterländer (a German breed with Longhaired German Pointers and English Setters in the line) and Helene Rubinstein’s Boog. Named after the 1970s Baltimore Orioles first baseman, Boog Powell, the two-year-old pup has yet to meet a person or dog he doesn’t like; at the dog park, they call him the “ambassador,” because he’s the only...
Magazine: 2008
Penny and Nemo: Cover Dogs
July/August 2008
Penny (right) and Nemo (left) live with Melissa Boesch in Dallas, Texas, and recently posed for a “cover dog” session with famed photographer, Amanda Jones. As Melissa poignantly described, Penny was found lying in a ditch with a broken pelvis; she was also malnourished, pregnant and infected with heartworms. A scar around her neck showed that a rope had once been embedded in her skin, and...
Magazine: 2008
Porchie: Cover Dog
Sept/Oct 2008
Though Porchie now calls New England home, he started life as a Southern gentleman. This mixed-breed Hound originally hailed from Waveland, Miss., a small town that was almost literally wiped off the map by Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane, Bev and Andy Trushaw—she a vet tech and he a police sergeant from Florence, Mass.—spent time as HSUS volunteers at the Hattiesburg, Miss., shelter,...
Magazine: 2008
Tru & Jammer: Cover Dogs
Nov/Dec 2008
We’re pleased to introduce this month’s cover dogs, Liz Dodge’s boys, Tru and Jammer, of Coos Bay, Ore. Jammer, a five-year-old Aussie mix, competes in agility at the masters level, and young Tru is prepping for his first agility meet. Both dogs—as well as their packmates Mick and Jig—were rescued, as Dodge says, “not necessarily from bad situations, but from unwanted situations.”   Dodge...