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Dog Culture: Readers Write
Guinness the Smiling Dog
Letter to the editor
Dear Bark: Thank you for publishing Guinness’s photo in the Smiling Dogs section of your July/August issue. Guinness is now 13, and this month he had to have back surgery because he was losing the use of his hind legs. We took him to Seattle Veterinary Specialists to get a second opinion because my vet didn’t think there was anything to be done. My husband and I were expecting the worst, but...
Blog: Guest Posts
Lisa Wogan
Web Editor and Blogger
Lisa Wogan writes about dogs, shelter and politics for regional and national publications, including The Seattle Times, Ms., Washington Law and Politics and The Bark (of course). Her most recent book, Dog Park Wisdom (Mountaineers, 2008) provides real-world advice on choosing, caring for and understanding our furry companions. Her research assistants for all things canine are Lulu, a former...
Dog's Life: Humane
Breaking the Chain
Anti-tethering legislation—what it is and how to create it
Who hasn’t spotted a dog chained to his dog house and wondered with a pang if he’s ever moved more than 10 or 15 feet from that spot? Well, if he’s like thousands of dogs in this country who live chained, day in and day out, regardless of weather or season, he probably hasn’t. What about the dog in your neighbor’s back yard, tethered to a tree or a clothesline or a shed, barking until someone...
Dog's Life: Humane
Compassion in Action
The roots and shoots of the American humane movement
On April 10, 1866, almost exactly a year after General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox ended the Civil War and, with it, the institution of human slavery in the United States, the New York state legislature granted a charter to a new organization dedicated to fighting another form of bondage. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the first animal protection group in...
Dog's Life: Lifestyle
Pet Trusts
Providing for your pup after you’re gone
When “Queen of Mean” Leona Helmsley left $12 million in trust for the care of her beloved Maltese, Trouble—a move that took third place on Fortune magazine’s list of the “101 Dumbest Moments in Business” for 2007—she was ridiculed for excessive generosity toward a mere animal, just as during her life she was ridiculed for her stinginess toward people. Yet the high-profile case of Trouble has...
Dog's Life: Humane
White Whiskers Welcome
Old Dog Haven accommodates senior dogs
It’s not easy to catch up with Judith Piper, founder and executive director of Old Dog Haven (ODH). She reschedules our first interview when one of her charges starts having grand mal seizures and another needs immediate treatment for glaucoma. The following week, she cancels when a tumor sidelines a pup named Pearl. So, even before meeting the 15 mature dogs on Piper’s five acres north of...
Dog's Life: Humane
Dog Law: Animal Control Hearings
The inside scoop
Question: What are animal control hearings?Answer: Every county, city and town has its own local laws, called “municipal codes.” The code sections that apply specifically to animal care and ownership come under the heading “animal control.” When local officials believe a resident has violated a code section, the resident is issued a citation (aka “a ticket”), and a hearing is held to determine if...
Dog Culture: Readers Write
No Two Puppies Are Exactly Alike
The Year of the Dog is associated with kindness, good fortune, harmony and humanitarianism; idealism is supposed to overshadow materialism. For us, the Year of the Dog began early. Just before Christmas, as I strolled through San Francisco’s Washington Square Park on the way to the post office, my dog Jeff met Midnight. As the two performed the doggy circle dance, a young man put down his...
Dog Culture: Readers Write
The Dog Who Saved a Family
I got my father a dog for Christmas because I desperately needed help. It was almost a decade ago. My parents and I were suffering terribly as a result of an estrangement from my only sibling and his family and I just couldn’t handle Christmas alone. I had only been dating my Rob for a few months and he wasn’t yet a regular fixture at holidays. No matter how hard I tried, and believe me I tried...
Dog Culture: Readers Write
A Remarkable Change
Lessons from a convert
I have lived a pet-free life. I’ve never had a dog, a cat, not even a goldfish. I grew up with friends who had dogs and considered them siblings. I’ve been forced to live with roommates who had pets they treated like children. I thought they were all insane. Until I met Stamford.   One day, my friend Jim called me, excited and out-of-breath, saying he just found a stray dog on the train tracks in...