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Breeding Paradox
Can dog-breeding practices be changed?
As a cynical outsider might snobbishly see it, Americans have the attention span of an Irish Setter, the intellectual curiosity of an Afghan Hound, the turf-guarding ferocity of a German Shepherd and the hungry greed of a Labrador Retriever. Count up all the beings besmirched by those insults — the dogs, the Americans and perhaps most of all, the Americans who breed those dogs — and you’d have...
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Joss Stone Fosters Dog
Soul singer invites a shelter pup into her NYC recording studio
I love when celebrities use their star power to help a good cause, especially when it involves animals. For the past week, Joss Stone has been fostering a dog while recording her next album in New York. Stone is a huge dog lover and missed her four pups back home in England. When she inquired about fostering, Animal Haven matched her up with Oprah, a six-year-old Bull Mastiff/Pit Bull mix....
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Less-Adoptable-Pets Need Us
Open your heart, home and/or wallet during National Dog Week
Today is the start of National Dog Week (September 19–25), a weeklong celebration of our canine companions that has apparently been around for more than eight decades. It’s on my radar thanks to the efforts of Lisa Begin-Kruysman, an artist and writer in Brick Township, N.J., who has been doing all she can (including a blog, Facebook page, and a book titled "Every Dog has its Week") to revive...
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“Preloved” Dogs For Sale
Are these private individuals or puppy mills?
I belong to the Dalmatian Lovers! group on Facebook, where those of us smitten by spots share photos, videos and stories of our Dallys. A few days ago, one concerned member posted a “Preloved” classified ad for a six-month-old deaf female Dalmatian in the UK. The accompanying photo showed a neglected dog in a filthy outdoor kennel. A local good samaritan inquired about her and was horrified to...
Dog's Life: Humane
Me and My (Unemployed) Dog
It’s another monday morning, and I’m reading the Times and sipping my coffee at an hour when most respectable people are already at work, or at least on their way. Like I used to be. Bam! The “Arts” section flies into my face as Tillie, my two-year-old Lab, head-butts her way onto my lap. “You need a job,” I tell her as I rub her ears and wipe the sleep out of her eyes. “Hell, I need a job,”...
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Adopting the Doggie in the Window
N.Y. store changes the concept of the mall pet shop
Mall pet stores always make me sad, partly because I know the dogs came from puppy mills and partly because I know these stores encourage visitors to buy pets on impulse. So I was excited to find out that a new pet store is opening at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, N.Y. that does not sell any pets. Even better, the USA Dog & Pet Shop features animals for adoption from the Hi-Tor Animal...
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Rags for Wags
A pair of preteen friends make a difference for dogs and cats
It’s never too early to be the change. Claire Puricelli and Chloe Schneider had barely broken into double-digits when they channeled their elbow grease and ingenuity to benefit shelter dogs and cats. The 11-year-old friends from Webster Groves, Mo., recognized that not everyone can make the big commitment of adopting an animal, but they still want to help. So, they created “Rags for Wags” to...
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A Lifesaving Lens
With time running out, “death-row dogs” have a friend in photographer Carolyn Evans
Carolyn Evans spends her days as the “Phodographer” of the Cincinnati area, snapping keepsake photos of beloved pets. In her off time, though, she’s a passionate crusader for shelter dogs, using her photography skills to take photos of dogs who have run out of time at a shelter. With a click of the shutter, she can capture the essence of a lonely pup on the brink. Evans distributes her photos...
Dog's Life: Humane
Putting the Art in Heart
HeARTs Speak rallies artists to volunteer their talents to help animals
If you need proof of the power of a good photograph to get a shelter dog noticed, just take a look at our cover. Beau, Paisley, Portia and Bella were foster puppies (bouncing back from malnutrition and parvo) when we were seduced by their portraits, submitted for our Smiling Dog contest by Jenny Froh. A professional pet and portrait photographer in Flower Mound, Texas, Froh was fostering...
Dog's Life: Humane
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Hits
Q&A with HeARTs Speak founder, Lisa Prince Fishler
We learned about Beau, Paisley, Portia and Bella—the lens-shatteringly adorable foster pups on the cover of our September 2011 issue—when Jenny Froh submitted their photo for Bark’s Smiling Dogs contest. A professional pet and portrait photographer in Flower Mound, Tex., Froh was fostering Paisley and Portia when she photographed the littermates to help them find permanent homes. The photo...