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Dog's Life: DIY
Felted Dog Ball
Just the thing for a spirited game of fetch!
DIY Positively fun, absolutely useful DIY. There’s something for every skill level, from super-easy felted wool balls and a bag-holder that attaches to a leash to a cozy crocheted bed and a folding feeding stand—little comforts that make life more pleasant for both you and your dog. (We’ll let you in on a secret: You can also purchase the ball kit, leash bag and bed from the craftswomen who...
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An Autographed Copy of Speaking For Spot
It’s a great gift.
Every year about this time I start to hyperventilate at the thought of the holiday shopping that still remains. No matter how early I start (even the previous December!), I never seem to have it done as soon as I’d like. This year, I’ve got a little help. Nancy Kay, the author of Speaking For Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life, has a great idea. She will...
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Jammin’ with the Dogs
DIY video contest for Steve Martin song.
On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of seeing Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers perform songs from his CD The Crow: New Songs for the Five String Banjo. A highlight was Martin’s live version of “Wally on the Run,” a song about his dog playing fetch. Fiddler Nicky Sanders created the sounds of barking and whining perfectly with his bow and strings. Pure fun. So I was thrilled when I heard...
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Weekend Recycling Fun
Turn your unwanted t-shirts into tug toys.
Last weekend I was cleaning out my closets and quickly created a pile of t-shirts that I didn’t need. Over the years I’ve collected my fair share of wearable memorabilia from college events, walk-a-thons, and vacations. Before I brought the clothes to the Salvation Army, I wondered if there was anything crafty that I could do with the shirts. Inspired by Genuine Dog Gear’s Jersey Tugmaster, I...
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Healthy Food Dogs and Kids Can Share
TREAT them both right
You want to give your dog the best. You want to give your child the best, too. No one advocates feeding your child dog food. But how about giving both of them … salmon steak?   Sharing food with your dog seems radical, but it’s merely a return to the way dogs were fed for millennia. The human-animal bond developed partly because dogs and humans could eat the same foods, and the act of sharing...
Dog's Life: DIY
Sew It Up for Halloween
Admit it—you’ve tried your sunglasses on your dog at least once, or maybe even tied a scarf around his head. With Halloween on its way, it’s the perfect time to release your inner fashionista and really dress up the pup. Break out the measuring tape, pinking shears and pins and kick it up to the next level. Commercial patternmakers are ready to help —stop by your local fabric store or go online...
Dog's Life: DIY
How to sculpt a special Halloween pumpkin
When Halloween rolls around, you don’t have to be an artist— or even think you’re particularly creative—to feel the pull of the pumpkin. The pumpkin reminds us of our childhood, of times when the whole family gave it their best shot. We knew that if our pumpkins weren’t perfect, they would rot and that would be the end of the embarrassment. And this is true today, my friends. Pumpkins still rot....
Wellness: Health Care
What to Do if Your Dog is Sprayed by a Skunk
You’ll Need A clean plastic bucket in which to mix the ingredients 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (usually sold in pint bottles, so you’ll need two; use of other strengths is not recommended) 1/4 cup baking soda (do not use washing soda, which is much stronger and will burn your dog’s skin.) 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid detergent (Softsoap and Ivory liquid are preferred) How to Use...
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You Ought To Be In Pictures
Tips for American Humane Association photo contest.
The American Humane Association is sponsoring a photo contest with prize money up for grabs. There are four categories to choose from: Pets, People & Pets, Down on the Farm and Shelter Life. If you plan to submit a photo of your dog, consider these photographic tips. A lot of dogs are terrified of cameras, which look like giant eyes pointed directly at them. In the dog world, staring is both...
Dog's Life: DIY
Folding Feeding Stand
Elevate your dog!
Elevate your dog at mealtime—many dogs like having their bowls raised off the floor. Here’s one attractive way to do just that, and it’s also a space-saver, since when dinner’s over, the stand can be folded up and put away until the next meal. (This stand is sized for a medium to large dog and holds a 15" stainless steel lipped bowl. Dimensions can be easily scaled to fit any size pup.)...