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Magazine: 2012
Issue 72: Nov/Dec 2012
Bark 72: Nov/Dec 2012
Our Winter issue has a lot of good reading in store for you. You will be delighted to see that Patricia McConnell is back to untangle another tricky topic—what it takes to be a therapy dog. Many of us might think our dogs would be perfect nursing-home visitors, but Trisha provides a reality check, telling us just what is expected of dogs who do this work, and why many don’t make the grade. Sheila...
Magazine: 2012
Issue 71: Sep/Oct 2012
Sept/Oct 2012
Our September issue, reflecting that special “back-to-school” time of year, focuses on dog studies. We survey the schools that are putting canine subjects into their syllabi, so students have a chance to really learn about dogs in a variety of new courses. Then, to one of the dog-world’s most debated and least understood subjects: dominance. Karen London thinks that a discussion of this issue can...
Magazine: 2012
Issue 70: Jun/Jul/Aug 2012
15th Anniversary Special Issue
Jun/Jul/Aug 2012 - The Bark - The Daily Show - Special Issue
We’re easing our way into another summer season, tuning up for vacation flings, scoping out dog-friendly resorts and venues, and hoping to find time to settle back and simply enjoy a few peaceful moments with our dogs.  As our cover proclaims, we have an exclusive, behind the scenes feature on the dogs of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Ever wonder why they always seem to win the Emmy? We...
Magazine: 2012
Issue 69: Mar/Apr/May 2012
We bring you a spring issue filled with another wondrous array of articles, essays and art. To start, we offer a canine-behavior trifecta. Karen London dissects the controversy over the term “prey drive.” Does it increase our understanding of dog behavior, or—similar to the “alpha dog” notion—does it merely lead to more misunderstandings? In “Dog Smart,” Julia Hecht gives an overview of current...
Magazine: 2012
Meet Finnegan
Cover Dog: Jan/Feb 2012
Kristen Byrne and her husband, Stewart Pelto, are proud parents of their dog, Finnegan, whom they adopted when he was just a "baby Ewok".
Magazine: Web Exclusives
Web Exclusives: Jan/Feb 2012
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Second Annual Puppy Love Poetry Contest - Enter on The Bark's Facebook page. Survey Says! - Results from our Wag.com Reader Survey Miracle Dog - Video on Joe Dwyer and his new dog, Daniel. Dryland Mushing - Video Cover Dog Finneagan - Video
Magazine: 2012
Issue 68: Jan/Feb 2012
Bring on the New Year
We start off this year with a wide-ranging assortment of informative and inspiring articles. Behaviorist Karen London, starts a new column, “Good Dog: Behavior Matters.” In this issue, she explains what the canine teen years are all about, and assures us that, as with young humans, it does get better! We also welcome aboard a new columnist, behavior researcher Julie Hecht. For her first topic,...
Magazine: Web Exclusives
Web Exclusives: Nov/Dec 2011
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Child’s Play - A complete training guide for "leave it" by Elizabeth Kennedy Share your holiday photos and cards with us and enjoy some seasonal cheer. How-to take great pictures of your pet - Michael Rosen Share your photos to win great prizes Bark DIY: Learn fun and easy crafts projects, including a folded "Dog Days" picture book. See our list of Mascots, tell us your favorite...
Magazine: 2011
Issue 67: Nov/Dec 2011
Meet Buckeye! This delightful Llewellin Setter pup is Bark’s newest cover dog—gracing our newest Nov/Dec issue. Initially, an entry to our smiling dog contest, we fell in love with his sweet face and distinctive black-ringed eye, we think you will too. See more photos of Buckeye and hear his tale of triumph. Here’s what else the issue has in store for you: choice ideas on ways kids and dogs...
Magazine: 2011
Beau, Paisley, Portia, Bella: Cover Dogs
September/October 2011
Beau, Paisley, Portia and Bella brightened our days when Jenny Froh submitted their photo for Bark’s Smiling Dogs contest. A professional pet and portrait photographer in Flower Mound, Tex., Froh was fostering Paisley and Portia, when she photographed the four littermates to help them find forever homes. Originally, there were six puppies in all from a St. Bernard/Great Dane mix mother. They...