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Magazine: 2006
Issue 37: Jul/Aug 2006
Bark’s July issue is a celebration of the “Summer of Love—Year of the Dog” style. There are treats galore awaiting you. From dogs who get a kick out of soccer, or love nothing better than to take really long dives from docks, to tips on getting your dog fit and ready for summer activities. Our extended Dogpatch brings you lists and lists of seasonal picks and tips—look for the many ways you can...
Magazine: 2006
Issue 38: Sep/Oct 2006
Out of the doghouse and into our house! Bark’s September issue celebrates Dog @ Home. Catching the DIY craze, we show you how to stitch up jeans to make a bed to pant over—plus other nifty projects to inspire the do-it-yourselfer. We share tips on turning your home “Green” and eco-friendly—you and your dogs deserve it! We take on the obstacle-course challenges faced by small dogs living in our...
Magazine: 2006
Issue 39: Nov/Dec 2006
Doggone Great Ideas for the Holidays: Bark editors combed the dog world for the best and most unique gift ideas—from custom bobbleheads (our Gold Bone Winner!) to “your pooch” wine labels, from gifts that give, to home cooked treats—we’ve assembled everything you’ll need for a memorable celebration. Matchmaker Tips: On choosing the best trainer for you and your dog—sit, stay and evaluate with...
Magazine: Web Exclusives
Web Extras: Mar/Apr 2009
Good stuff we couldn't quite fit into our March 2009 issue.
You know how when you order a milkshake at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor the really good soda jerks always manage to make a little too much, which they let you have to replenish your drink. That’s how we see Web Extras. This is where you’ll find stuff—expanded versions of articles, instructions and links for taking action, and sometimes multi-media bonuses—we couldn’t quite fit in the...
Magazine: 2009
Issue 53: Mar/Apr 2009
Let’s hear it for good old dogs! In the new issue, join us as we raise a paw to seniors—not only do we spotlight Seattle’s Old Dog Haven, a group with a soft spot for elderly canines, and revel in portraits of America’s “golden oldies,” we also round up info and tips on their care and behavior, gear to ease their days, and hands-on ways to ease their muscles. And in the wider world of dog...
Magazine: 2007
Issue 40: Jan/Feb 2007
The Jan/Feb 07 issue of Bark presents a licking good way to usher in the new year. Start 2007 on the right foot and find out from behavior expert Patricia McConnell what it takes to turn your pup into a well-mannered pooch. Then, go beyond standard obedience training and check out the precision teamwork involved in the sport of Rally-O. Learn to create an adorable replica of your dog with a new...
Magazine: 2007
Issue 41: Mar/Apr 2007
The March/April issue of Bark is a reminder that Spring is on its way. Make the most of it by brushing up on “dog talk”—Dr. Nicholas Dodman and the folks at Tufts University translate what your dog’s trying to tell you when she sniffs, licks, bows, rolls or makes any of 35 lively canine “comments.” It’s also the season for March madness and bracketology—Bark editors use it to determine the top...
Magazine: 2007
Issue 42: May/Jun 2007
Exciting news to share with you awaits you in this issue—we are launching a contest that is sure to get your camera snapping and your dog up on her toes. We are looking for a Bark cover dog to grace our January 2008 issue. We were just finishing up production when the pet food recall hit the front pages. We knew we had to make an editorial adjustment and cover this significant story. We’ll be...
Magazine: 2007
Issue 43: Jul/Aug 2007
Ah, summer! Time for good reads, water play and spirited games of Frisbee fetch. Lucky for you, we’ve covered all the bases in the July/August issue. The special “Lit Mix” is a veritable picnic of stories that will make you smile, sigh and think—and you may even discover a new writer or two. Smart water-ways are also covered; be inspired by a backyard water feature for Border Collies amusement...
Magazine: 2007
Issue 44: Sep/Oct 2007
As summer slips into fall and the days grow shorter, it’s time to settle in and do a little reading. And in the September/October issue, we provide lots of tasty food for thought. Looking for “kinder, gentler” ways to get around town? We show you what’s new in the world of alternative transportation. Learn what science is discovering about environmental causes of canine cancer. Revel in the...