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News: Karen B. London
Service Dogs Named After Fallen Soldiers
They honor and assist those in the military
Fleet bears the name of one soldier and serves as the legs for another. He is a 15-week old Golden Retriever who is being trained as a service dog for Josh Craven. Craven lost one leg while serving as a soldier in Iraq and has had six surgeries on the other leg. When he returns home from Walter Reed Medical Hospital in a few months, he will be joined by Fleet who by then will be a fully trained...
News: JoAnna Lou
Borrow a Dog at the Library
Yale Law lets students “check out” the resident therapy pup
Last week, Yale Law School’s library started offering therapy dog services on a trial basis. Interest has been high, so it’s hopeful that the program will continue. Students can sign up at the circulation desk to “check out” Monty, a certified therapy dog, for 30-minute sessions of stress busting. The Border Terrier-mix belongs to librarian Julian Aiken, so he’s well loved even when he’s “off...
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Big Changes for Little Caleb
Neutering and operant conditioning training for future Guide Dog
It’s hard to believe little Caleb is already six-months-old. He’s become such a fixture in our routines that we all feel a bit off when that routine is interrupted. But it’s something we have to do in order to prepare Caleb for his future as a well-socialized canine ambassador. This month that interruption will be a big one—at least for little Caleb—he’s getting neutered.   Not all Guide Dog for...
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Search Dogs Travel to Japan to Sniff Out Survivors
Follow their progress online
A dozen American search-and-rescue dogs are on the ground in Japan to search for survivors after last week’s earthquake and tsunami.   Riley, Baxter, Pearl, Hunter, Cadillac and Joe were trained by the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) and are based with firefighters in California. They’re currently at work in the hard-hit city of Ofunato. According to a CNN report, another group of...
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New ADA Regulations Narrow Service Animal Definition
But will it solve the problem of badly behaving humans?
Starting today, March 15, 2011, only service dogs and trained miniature horses are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Monkeys, rodents and reptiles, among others, are no longer permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities into places of public accommodation.   Department of Justice regulations (implementing Title III of the ADA) used to define a service animal as “...
News: JoAnna Lou
Therapy Through a Dog’s Eyes
Seattle hospital attaches cameras to their therapy pups
When I visit the hospital with Nemo, as part of the Good Dog Foundation therapy program, it’s so rewarding to see the joy the dogs bring to the patients. Pets have an amazing ability to cheer up people and it always brings a smile to my face. Now everyone can enjoy the power of pet therapy, even if you’re not in the hospital. The Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Wash., created their own therapy...
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Guide Dog Leads Man to Safety After Quake
Pair weaves through wreckage for three hours after Christchurch earthquake
Blair McConnell had the bad fortune to be at work in Christchurch on February 22, 2011, when the earthquake hit. His luck changed when he dove under his office desk. His guide dog Kiwi was there waiting to help him. A story in New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times describes noble guide dog Kiwi leading McConnell through fallen masonry and concrete to safety. “I grabbed his harness and he was quite keen...
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Guide Dog-in-Training Hits the Road
Caleb visits Washington and Idaho
As usual, we’ve had another busy month of adventures, activities and … first graders. Caleb is fast asleep in my office as I type this but don’t let that image fool you; he’s clearly coming out of his shell and has discovered being a puppy can be FUN!   Most people assume Guide Dog puppies are always working, which is sort of true. They are expected to maintain generally good house manners—no to...
Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Canine Ridealong
Riding along with a K-9 unit—a behind the scenes look at training, patrolling and bad guys
In the wee hours of the morning in Snohomish County, north of Seattle, Wash., a domestic-violence call comes over Officer Brandon McCullar’s radio—something about a man breaking his stepdaughter’s nose. He tells dispatch we’re on our way and tucks in behind another deputy’s car speeding toward the location. Lights flashing, knifing through the darkness, we seem to fly along the rural two-lane...
Dog's Life: Work of Dogs
Star Casting: Getting your pup movie ready
Dog Star: Tiger
It all started when Tiger’s agent, Nancy Novogard, called to ask if we would be available to shoot a feature film. I suppose I should add that yes, my adorable, three-and-a-half-year-old Terrier mix, whom I adopted when he was just nine weeks, has an agent. And while he’s shot a variety of photo spreads for magazines and books (Vogue, Bark’s DogJoy), appeared onstage with David Letterman,...