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Dog Involved in Bin Laden Mission
A trained canine assisted the Navy Seals last Sunday
Dogs play a critical role in U.S. Navy Seal missions.

The U.S. Navy Seals and the elite Team Six have gotten a lot of attention lately for their heroic efforts in the Osama Bin Laden mission. However, I just found out that a special canine was also among the 79 commandos that day. The explosive-sniffing dog was strapped to one of the Navy Seals and descended from the helicopters with the rest of the team.

As it turns out, these trained pups, typically German Shepherds, are routinely used by the top-secret Navy Seal unit. The dogs wear ballistic body armor that protects against knives, shrapnel, and gunfire and carry infrared night cameras that provide troops with critical real-time information.

These pups are trained to jump from aircraft at an incredible 25,000 feet (wearing an air mask of course) and attack anyone carrying a weapon. These talented dogs can also crawl into tunnels and rooms unnoticed.

What an incredible bunch of working pups!



JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by The Sun.

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Submitted by anonymous | May 4 2011 |

doG bless America!

Submitted by Elizabeth Janson | May 5 2011 |

I figured! Thank you for posting this, it made my day! God Bless, and Dog Bless the USA and all our military!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 5 2011 |

Thank you for your story! And an especially BIG THANK YOU & GOD BLESS EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU! OUR SPECIAL FORCE SQUADS, MARINES, NAVY, AIR FORCE, ARMY, NATIONAL GUARD...EVERY ACTIVE DUTY, RESERVE & RETIRED. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you for helping to keep our country, our home, our land free!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 7 2011 |

I'm glad to know the dogs are now wearing body armor. We've lost too many brave canines in the line of duty.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 7 2011 |

so proud of these four legged mans best friends. Very intelligent and useful. I'm glad they're fully equipped with bullet proofs vest and all the things they possibly need during combat. Yes, titanum fangs! You go pups!!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 8 2011 |

If the topic is of interest, see the amazing photo essay here by Rebecca Frankel. She writes a regular War Dog feature for Foreign Policy magazine, there are links to her other article, including War Dog of the Week. Might be a person of interest for The Bark to profile?

Submitted by Anonymous | May 8 2011 |

Just one more example of selfish humans who believe all animals, beside ourselves, were put on the planet for us to use and abuse.

Submitted by Tim | May 9 2011 |

Those animals you Anonymously refer to are not used and abused they train as hard and recieve great care and thier trainers treat them as family. So partner your barkin up the wrong tree with that statement

Submitted by Anonymous | May 12 2011 |

u tell that Anonymous tim!!!!! those dogs were not abused in the least bit. people are friggin ignorant!

Submitted by Sandra | August 24 2013 |

You're right. If they could talk doubt they'd be saying to want to be exposed to such terror. It's mans war. It's taking another species hostage and using them. People need to stop being sensitive as it isn't about praising heroes but about the humane treatment of animals. Thanks for posting.

Submitted by Joan | February 19 2012 |

These dogs are amazing German Shepherds who are proud to serve our country. They are bred and trained to work and love serving their masters. Absoultely no abuse here...do some research on this breed b4 you make dumb comments peeps!

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