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Biking with Dogs
Get some exercise with your pup in tow

As gas prices continue to rise, many more people are discovering the joys of riding a bike. It's a green form of transportation and great exercise. So it's only natural that people would want to include their dogs on rides.

This Sunday, New York City's Direct Action Environmental Organization Time's Up! is hosting their fourth annual Doggie Pedal Parade in Manhattan's Washington Square Park. The ride will highlight bicycles adapted to transport pets. There will be music, refreshments, and dogs for adoption.

On Thursday, they'll holding a free Pup Your Ride Workshop and Bike Decorating where Time's Up! volunteer mechanics will be on-hand to assist participants in attaching baskets and carriers.

I always feel guilty when I go for a bike ride and leave my dogs at home. Now that it's getting warmer, I'm planning on training Nemo to come along with me on short rides.

The ASPCA recommends that you train your dog not to pull when you're on the bike and to use a Springer, a coil spring designed to absorb and reduce the force of sudden tugs. Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog since it's easy for them to get over-exerted since they're running and you're on wheels.

Do you bike with your pups?

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo by Time's Up!

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Submitted by Carolyn | May 18 2011 |

I sure do. I have a lovely rattan dog basket (google Cynthia's Twigs)mounted over the rear wheel of my bike. It has a comfy cushion and a "seatbelt" that I attach to a standard harness on Maggie. Usually we ride for awhile, then she gets out and we walk for awhile. We've enjoyed many many miles together. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Steve | May 18 2011 |

We ride our bikes with Steve the yorkie around NYC whenever the weather is nice! We made a neoprene padded cover for inside the basket & adapted a hardware store 2 way latch as a safety belt... He is a natural!!!

Submitted by Nancy | May 18 2011 |

I have a little trailer for my 2 chihuahuas. The male enjoys the ride. The female doesn't

Submitted by Anonymous | May 18 2011 |

My 90 lbs black lab LOVES to go on bike rides with me. When the weather is perfect we can bike up to 5 miles!!! My lab is trained to stay on the left side of the bike and he knows the commands "left" and "right". I think my dog would make a great sled dog ha!

Submitted by lkay | May 18 2011 |

i recenlty bought a springer and i'm pretty sure my husky mix and german shepherd mix are loving it just as much as i am!

Submitted by KCR | May 19 2011 |

Why would the ASPCA tell people not to train their dogs to pull? My dogs and I use a Pawtrecker, when its not too hot out. I have bijored with all of my dogs, and we all love it. We race and train very seriously for this. A sport. Not a poodle in a basket.

Submitted by Natalie | May 20 2011 |

I ride my bike three miles to work almost every day with my hound at my side. I've tried bijoring and skijoring with him, but he's not much of a puller. I just hold his lead in one hand, never tried a Springer. It's wonderful for tiring an energetic dog, as it seems a 30 minute bike ride is about the equivalent of a two hour walk.

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