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Weather Dogs Have Meteorological Names
“Radar” is very common
Radar from Tulsa

Many weather stations have dogs, and they typically have weather-related names, with the name “Radar” being especially common. There is, for example, a dog named “Radar” at WNKY in Bowling Green, one at KPRC in Houston and another at WARN KOTV* in Tulsa.

Besides Radar, the following meteorological names have been suggested for dogs at weather stations: Cloudy, Puddles, Snowy, Storm, Sunny, Twister, Tornado, Tsunami, Sunshine and Rainy. Weather dogs sometimes appear on air doing tricks, and often do public events focusing on teaching people, especially kids, about severe weather safety.

I once had a meteorological nickname myself. When I lived in their country, my Costa Rican roommates were true to the cultural norm of teasing friends about their most obvious traits, which led them to call me “Hurrikarencita”  (translation: “Little Hurricane Karen.”) Thus, I was a little disappointed my search failed to find any dogs with the hurricane moniker.

Does your local station have a weather dog? What names do you favor for dogs in this line of work?

*Editor's note: We originally misidentified KOTV in this post. When Joanna Shelton, statewide creative services manager for Griffin Communications, alerted us to our error, she told us a little more about Radar. “He was rescued from 'the pound' and has helped 20,000 kids so far learn about severe weather safety,” Joanna Shelton, statewide creative services manager for Griffin Communications. “His name was chosen by our fans in an online contest.” We're sorry for the error but happy to know a little more about this adorable pup!


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Hanna at Dog Pr... | June 21 2011 |

I don’t really know whether the local weather stations in my have dogs or what their names are but since I’m talking about Southern California which is prone to earthquakes, I wouldn’t be surprised if some station here named their dog Earthquake, Shaker or Aftershock.

I can think of a few other meteorological names which you haven’t mentioned in your posts: Foggy, Hail, Misty, Drizzle, Humid, Arid, Windy, Breeze, Downpour and Frosty.



Submitted by Basil Brown | June 29 2011 |

And what about "Wintery Mix"?

Submitted by Kortney Smith | June 22 2011 |

Dear Ms. London,

It was a delight to see the photo of our own Radar the Weather Dog in your article; we thank you for that. However, the television station was misidentified; it should be KOTV. WARN is an acronym for Wide Area Radar Network, and does not refer to the dog.

Thanks again for the article.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Kortney Smith
KOTV The News on 6
Tulsa, OK

Submitted by Karen London | June 23 2011 |

Mrs. Smith,

Thank you very much for the correction--I appreciate that you took the time to write!


Submitted by arwenzearz | June 24 2011 |

my favorite "occupationally/situationally" related dog name is "swatch" at mood fabrics in new york (it's the fabric store they use on "project runway")... but i think "swatch" needs a sibling named "notions"...

Submitted by Radar The News ... | June 26 2011 |

Thanks Karen for posting my picture! I loved your blog with the Greek dog who does such wonderful tricks and I posted it on my facebook page to inspire my friends to have fun training their own dogs. My mom and I are working on new tricks we liked from the video.

We also have a weather dog in Oklahoma City and her name is Stormy.

My name was chosen by Tulsans who voted in the contest. My favorite was Twister but it did not win.

I did come from Tulsa Animal Welfare where I was tested along with many other wonderful dogs. My mom says she chose me for my outgoing personality, my natural talent for free shaping, and (I think) my good looks.

Thanks again for putting my picture up!


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