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Web Exclusives: Feb/Mar 2010
Expand your horizons here.

Welcome to our web exclusives. This is where you’ll find new and topical articles, instructions, links for taking action, multi-media bonuses and expanded versions of material in the print magazine. Enjoy!


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Submitted by Georgia | February 4 2010 |

The census is mentioned on page 6 of the newest issue. I went to exclusives, and the other two topics are there. Can ou tell me how to locate the census?

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | February 4 2010 |

You're too fast for us. Check back next week; hopefully the census will be up soon.

Submitted by Anonymous | February 5 2010 |

Well, excuse me, but telling the other person they are "too fast" is just too much! I just wasted half an hour trying to find the census mentioned in my magazine that came today. The census should not have been mentioned if you couldn't meet the deadline of having it ready when the issue came off of the press. Of course, people looked for it, expected it to be available. This speaks to attitude, responsibility, credibility and other things. I wonder how many of us who were "too fast" will be back; I won't. Sure, things go wrong sometimes, but your smart response to the inquiry indicates that isn't the case here. Someone needs to rethink a few things. Meanwhile, my Bark is headed for the trash. A second reason: I love the smiling dogs, those who actually are smiling and their lips aren't just pulled back by gravity because they're on their backs or some other fakery, including the excuse to get the kid's picture in a national magazine. Disgusted? I
That smart answer was the wrong straw on the camel's back. Thanks for letting me waste more time. P.S. Above you say e-mail address remains private; below, you say it becomes a link. I hope the former is the accurate statement.

Submitted by AuntPatty | February 5 2010 |

I too was anxious to take the census but could not find it. I will wait, now that I know it's coming. By the way, I just read my first issue of BARK - a subscription of which was given to me as a Christmas gift by my friend Barb - I have been devouring it all evening. Wonderful stuff.

Submitted by C. Marzluff | February 7 2010 |

What about Raymond and Lorna Coppinger? Their work with herding and sled breeds as well as the evolution of domestication of the dog puts them very high on my list! Their book, Dogs: A new Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior, and Evolution is a great summary of many studies along with original studies by the authors.

Submitted by Lynn | February 12 2010 |

Would like to participate but it is not there ? When will the Dog Census be available ?

Submitted by James | February 15 2010 |

I too came looking to be counted only to find there is no census whats up? how about a email when you post?

Submitted by margie doyle | March 16 2010 |

What's up with the census? Put me on it when it's avaiable

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | March 16 2010 |

The link to the dog census is above.