Weekly Smilers
Weekly Smilers 1-9-12
Smiling Dogs
  • Arthur,  Arthur,  Ayumi,  Bella
    Arthur, Arthur, Ayumi, Bella
  • Bella,  Butter,  Byron,  Caine
    Bella, Butter, Byron, Caine
  • Champ,  Chaos,  Charlie,  Chili
    Champ, Chaos, Charlie, Chili
  • Clementine,  Cooper,  Cooper,  Cooper
    Clementine, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper
  • Daisy,  Daisy Duke,  Dexter,  Eddie
    Daisy, Daisy Duke, Dexter, Eddie
  • Emma & Tess,  Fae,  Fionn,  Gavin
    Emma & Tess, Fae, Fionn, Gavin
  • Giga,  Grace,  Hannah,  Havoc
    Giga, Grace, Hannah, Havoc
  • Hope,  Hoppy,  Iggy,  Jax
    Hope, Hoppy, Iggy, Jax
  • Jesse,  Karma,  Karsten,  Kasey
    Jesse, Karma, Karsten, Kasey
  • Katydid,  Kea,  Koa,  Koda
    Katydid, Kea, Koa, Koda
  • Leia,  Libby,  Ludovico,  Lulu,
    Leia, Libby, Ludovico, Lulu,
  • Maggie,  Mason & Mallory,  Maya,  Meg
    Maggie, Mason & Mallory, Maya, Meg
  • Mia,  Munchkin,  Oakley,  Patch
    Mia, Munchkin, Oakley, Patch
  • Poshy,  Rocky,  Rosie,  Sadie
    Poshy, Rocky, Rosie, Sadie
  • Sammie,  Sammy,  Sandy,  Sarge
    Sammie, Sammy, Sandy, Sarge
  • Shayla,  Simba,  Sitka Sue Kachoo,  Stella
    Shayla, Simba, Sitka Sue Kachoo, Stella
  • Teca,  Tilly,  Toby,  Trixie
    Teca, Tilly, Toby, Trixie
  • Tucker,  Waylon & Deuce,  Yogi,  Zoey
    Tucker, Waylon & Deuce, Yogi, Zoey

Smiling dogs are a renewable resource. Check here for your daily dose of shy, cheerful and toothy grins.

Send us your smiling dog! We LOVE them and we WANT yours! When you e-mail your photo, be sure to include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo. Only one entry + one photo accepted per person. We pick 40 favorites to appear in each issue of our magazine (published five times a year). All the others will be posted online weekly. Look for yours to appear soon!


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Submitted by Sarge's 'mommy' | January 9 2012 |

Go Sarge! That's our baby! :)

Submitted by Anonymous | January 9 2012 |

Bella is soooooo cute!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 9 2012 |

LOVE Chili!

Submitted by Sandra | January 9 2012 |

We were so excited to see our sitka sue kachoo in here.....

Submitted by B.Kovari | January 9 2012 |

Way to go Cooper! You are so handsome and we are proud of you!
Keep Smiling! You make your owner so very happy.

Submitted by Cathy | January 9 2012 |

Way to go, Ayumi!!!!!! Keep on smiling!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 9 2012 |

My puppylove Jax is in good company!!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 10 2012 |

KATYDID is adorable!!!

Submitted by Grandma N | January 10 2012 |

My grand "dog" ter Leia is a blessing. Love her!!!

Submitted by Sadie | January 11 2012 |

My Patch is normally camera shy, I was just lucky to take his smiling photo on my cell!

Submitted by Lori | January 12 2012 |

Thanks for picking our girl Clementine! Her smile makes our hearts smile!

Submitted by Ludovico | January 19 2012 |

thanks for picking my picture!!

Submitted by Teresa | February 13 2012 |

Thanks for picking my Trixie!!

Submitted by Sherwin Chen | March 4 2012 |

Pictures of smiling dogs, is there anything better than that? Maybe a smiling dog in your arms could beat that, but I absolutely loved the pictures! Makes me want to go hug mine right now. Hope that the users can keep sending them in. They have a fan in me!

Sherwin - http://www.hipetusa.com

Submitted by Jessica | March 13 2012 |

Thank you for posting a picture of my baby girl Munchkin on 1-9-12. Sadly she passed away yesterday and I love this picture of her it reminds me of how goofy she was :). So thank you!

Submitted by Daniel | May 31 2012 |

Wow, every doggy is so nice! I honestly can't pick a favorite. :) Keep smilin'....

Submitted by Anonymous | August 22 2012 |

I love to see all the adorable dogs smiling. You can't help smiling back!

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