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Conference Examines the Paradox of Purebred Breeding
First-ever meeting this April in Washington D.C.
Bulldogs are among several breeds that struggle to run, breathe, mate and give birth due to breeding for exaggerated features.

Ever since the BBC documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" tore the lid off the practice of breeding show dogs in Great Britain, breeders, handlers, dog lovers and more have been forced to answer the question: What's the cost of perfection? In April, the Purebred Paradox conference will offer a high-profile exploration of issues that can no longer be ignored.


What can be done to enhance the health and well-being of purebred dogs? What are the welfare and ethical issues arising from selective breeding practices? These are the urgent questions at the heart of the inaugural conference of the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy. On April, 28-29 at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, leading ethologists, veterinarians, animal welfare activists and more will consider what the attempt to create “perfect” dogs has wrought from scientific, historic, cultural and policy perspectives.



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Submitted by Anonymous | March 22 2011 |

O, sweet irony. HSUS holds an anti-breding conference at a college for the hearing impaired.

Submitted by osceolapug | January 16 2012 |

This is long overdue. I recommend the BBC special to anyone interested in my breed of choice ( Pugs) since this is yet another breed that is being physically destroyed by the ever more demanding/rigid breed "standards", particularily those pertaining to facial structure. It's disgusting, and it's happening with the full support of both AKC and the PDCA (Pug Dog Club of America)! Shameful! I am disturbed however, to find it's being held by the HSUS...they are not friends of dog breeders, or really of anyone that wants to keep animals as pets and companions. Who they ARE friends with is PETA.

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