Weekly Smilers
Weekly Smilers 1-23-12
Smiling Dogs
  • Abbe
  • Action,  Bailey,  Bodhi,  Booker
    Action, Bailey, Bodhi, Booker
  • Bean & Pepper
    Bean & Pepper
  • Cassie
  • Butchie,  Caroline,  Drew & Delilah,  Ellie Mae
    Butchie, Caroline, Drew & Delilah, Ellie Mae
  • Eloise,  Fanny & Sasha,  Honey, Jaime
    Eloise, Fanny & Sasha, Honey, Jaime
  • Jazzy,  Jenny,  Kiley,  Lucy
    Jazzy, Jenny, Kiley, Lucy
  • Lucy
  • Mixi,  Nelson,  Nemo,  Nico
    Mixi, Nelson, Nemo, Nico
  • Ollie,  Penny,  Prada,  Rio
    Ollie, Penny, Prada, Rio
  • Princess
  • Sammy,  Shea,  Shelby,  Snickers
    Sammy, Shea, Shelby, Snickers
  • Sarge
  • Star & Canela
    Star & Canela
  • Spot,  Stefan,  Yeti,  Zuma
    Spot, Stefan, Yeti, Zuma
  • Tootsie
  • Vincent

Smiling dogs are a renewable resource. Check here for your daily dose of shy, cheerful and toothy grins.

Send us your smiling dog! We LOVE them and we WANT yours! When you e-mail your photo, be sure to include your dog's name in both the subject line and as the title of the photo. Only one entry + one photo accepted per person. We pick 40 favorites to appear in each issue of our magazine (published five times a year). All the others will be posted online weekly. Look for yours to appear soon!


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Submitted by Linda Gutterman | January 23 2012 |

Butchie-finally your 15 minutes. couldn't happen to a nicer dog. you the man!

Submitted by Korrinne Ross | January 23 2012 |

Sammy is the absolute cutest!!!!

Submitted by Jennifer | January 24 2012 |

I literally adore EVERY DOG here, they are all so adorable. Sammy made me "LOL", looks like lipstick! My favorite is, of course, YETI as he is my little man!

Submitted by Mom&Dad | January 26 2012 |

Eloise - Our little weinerdog-pigglet mix!