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A Star for O’Henry

I picked out a star the evening O’Henry crossed on December 7, 2011. Each night I step out on the porch to say goodnight to him. I still can’t do it without tears. Of course, sometimes the stars are not visible but I know “he is always there” just as I never had to turn around when he was alive, I just knew he was right behind me. I miss you sweet boy.

Karen B. Donnelly Draak is an artist and illustrator. She lives in Virginia with her husband, John and their furchildren, Mickey, a wee Scottish Terrier boy and Alice, a Wheaten Terrier mix. She creates whimsical colorful dog art through AroooStudios. AroooStudios.com

Illustration also by Karen Donnelly Draak.

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Submitted by janis dibert | May 7 2012 |

I have known Karen for thirty -five years and have always enjoyed her artwork but this took my breath away--in this picture I feel the relationship that she and O'Henry had--from day one together. what a wonderful and heartfelt memorial!!!

Submitted by KinNC | May 7 2012 |

Ah, Karen.... too many years ago I picked a huge towering thunderhead shaped like a horses head and front legs rearing up - for an all too similar reason - We don't have those kinds of Thunderheads in this part of the country - but every once in a while I'll catch a glimse of a big storm cell forming and it all comes back to me ...
he will never be far from your memories -

Submitted by Terri Beach | May 7 2012 |


This is so beautiful.

Submitted by Vera Gregory-Donley | May 20 2014 |

I have loved your Scottie art as is evidenced by the many times I've shared it. I want to name a special star for Bridgette - Can I do that through you? I know I don't know you that well but I Love you Karen !! From one Scottie Lover to Another - Vera

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