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New Pet Poison App
Lifesaving information available 24/7
This app has easy-to-read info on pet poisons

Imagine coming home and finding a chewed up bottle of your medication with no pills left in it or a houseplant that has clearly been used as a chew toy, or a bottle of cleaning solution that spilled when it was knocked off the counter. How do you determine if this is just a small inconvenience for you, a life-threatening emergency for your dog, or something in between? The new Pet Poison Help app by Pet Poison Helpline can be a great first step. You can use it to reference the specific substance and find out how toxic it is, the symptoms your dog is likely to experience, and what to do. It may suggest that you induce vomiting, encourage eating or drinking, or that you take your dog to an emergency clinic immediately.

Though there are other apps that provide information about pets and poisons, this one is the most comprehensive. It covers over 250 toxins and spans a wide variety of potentially poisonous substances including pesticides, plants, foods and cleaners. You can search by toxin, within categories, or check substances based on whether they are toxic to dogs, cats or both.

Pet Poison Help is a reliable resource from which people can get accurate information and it has a direct dial feature to the Pet Poison Helpline, an animal poison control center that is available 24/7. According to Ahna Brutlag, a veterinarian with an M.S. in toxicology, and the co-creator of the Pet Poison Help app, the consumption of human medications accounts for the largest number of calls to their helpline, but many other toxic substances are consumed by dogs and other pets each year. If you place a call to the Pet Poison Helpline, you can share vital information with a veterinarian about your dog’s age, breed, size and what was eaten, and find out what your next step needs to be to provide the best care for your dog.

The new app is easy to use, full of pictures, and loaded with live-saving information. Pet Poison Help has been available for just a few weeks, and already nearly 2000 people have downloaded it. Have you had a chance to check it out yet?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

photo courtesy of Pet Poison Helpline

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Submitted by mary | May 11 2012 |

Looks like an amazing app. I just really, really wish they had it for Android. *sigh*

Submitted by Jon | May 14 2012 |

Yeah I agree 100% Mary

Submitted by Kristin | May 14 2012 |

I, too, wish this were available for Android. Lots of us out here! LOL!!!

Submitted by jasons pet care | May 14 2012 |

This app will be going on my phone right away. what a terrific idea for pet owners and care givers of pets.

Submitted by Anonymous | May 14 2012 |

Agree! Make an Android version.

Submitted by John | May 14 2012 |

Pet Tech Pet Saver app for Android is available for $4.99. Not sure how it compares, but says it has a poison list.

Submitted by Kennedy | May 14 2012 |

Ditto the Android chatter! We don't live in an Apple world! Lol

Submitted by Yvonne | May 15 2012 |

I wish an app for android too!!

Submitted by Anonymous | May 15 2012 |

Thank you
A few years ago when she was one and half years ago, I dog jump to window table eat " rat posion " I almost lost her...
Thank you Dr. Web ( vet ) save her life. Today she is 13 years old

Submitted by Anonymous | May 17 2012 |

So glad this available for iPhone!!

Submitted by Anonymous | June 25 2012 |

Please please please make an android app

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