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Health Care Reform Coming to Pets too!
FTC to Look at Pet Medications

Our office just received a notification from the Federal Trade Commission that they’ll be holding a public workshop on Oct. 2 that should be of interest to many of you—they’ll be exploring “competition and consumer protection issues related to the pet medications industry.”  Basically they’ll be looking at the ways that pet medications are distributed to consumers, and to that end are also looking at how and to what extend consumers can obtain “portable” prescriptions for their pets’ meds that can be filled wherever the consumer wants, plus looking at the rationale for the high cost of these medications.  At long last the feds might be getting to the bottom of why a tiny tube of eye medication for canine “red eye” should cost $40! I’m sure many of you have similar stories to tell and questions to ask.

This all sounds really interesting, and the FTC is seeking public comments from consumers, veterinarians, business representatives, economists, lawyers, academics, and other interested parties. Comments can be submitted in paper or electronic format through September 14, 2012, with full instructions available in the Federal Register notice. You can see their notification here.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com
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Submitted by Stefanie Skye | July 2 2012 |

This is very good to hear. I know that my dog Leo's eye specialist vet was furious when she heard that the makers of one of his drops upped the price $70 last year. Thankfully he was long healed from his vision restoration surgery, so he didn't need all the benefits from these drops and my vet was able to switch him to Prednisolone.

But now he has to be on Humersol drops for one eye as we suspect the beginnings of glaucoma and for a 5ml bottle the price is $53. Thankfully I was able to get his first bottle from their donation box; but once it is empty I will have issues paying for the next one if I can't land a job soon.

Submitted by GreyhoundMom | July 3 2012 |

Thank you for the heads up. I just submitted a comment. I encourage pet owners to do the same.

Submitted by Crystal | July 26 2012 |

Good to know and thanks for the heads up, I will keep following news on this topic. I’m not a big fan of extra medicines and supplements for pets if they don’t need them; seems to me sticking to healthy food and treats like Natural Balance keeps everyone out of the vet office.

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