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From Street Dog to Officer's Pet
Policeman finds a new friend on the job

Back in May, Officer Dan Waskiewicz of the Balimore City Police was on duty when he got a call about a vicious dog chasing kids. When he arrived at the scene, Instead of jumping to conclusions, Officer Waskiewicz got out of his patrol car and called the dog over to assess the situation. The Pit Bull mix came over panting, with his tail between his legs. Officer Waskiewicz  offered the tired pup some water and the two became fast friends. Although his partner wasn't a big dog fan, Officer Waskiewicz put the pup in the back of their patrol car and drove to the local shelter. 

As if saving an animal from the streets wasn't enough of a good deed, Officer Waskiewicz ended up adopting the Pit Bull mix himself and named him Bo. The lucky pup now lives with Waskiewicz's family, which includes two other dogs.

With so many recent reports of police shooting harmless pets, it's refreshing to see someone respond the right way. Officer Waskiewicz arrived on the scene with compassion and an open mind. As a result, a loving dog now has a wonderful home.

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

Photo from Officer Dan Waskiewicz.

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Submitted by shirley zindler | July 21 2012 |

Kudos to the officer! As an animal control officer we often get calls of "a Pit Bull chasing kids". We sometimes joke that its a pretty slow dog if it hasnt eaten them yet. A good percentage of our aggressive dog calls are either terrified, want to play or just look scary. Bo is one lucky pup and Officer Waskeiwicz has my greatest admiration. Nicely done!

Submitted by Nikki Rea | July 24 2012 |

Hot dude in uniform with a soft spot for animals = his wife is lucky!!!

Submitted by Laurie | July 24 2012 |

Very cool thing you did Officer! Wish there were more like you out there!

Submitted by Fred | January 17 2013 |

Nicely done Sir! Sometimes children can be really cruel to dogs and just because a dog is behaving badly towards some children means the dog should be put down. I have seen the most vicious dogs become perfect family pets when given a good home and care. A dog in my neighborhood, no dog collar and leash, nothing, was growling at passers-by for no particular reason. A scene was starting to form around the dog. Sensing someone would call the pound, I immediately rushed home, grabbed my dog’s collar and leash, and some food, and slowly approached the dog, offering him the food. He was too stressed to care about eating but when he was distracted, I immediately placed the collar around his neck and led him to my house. It turns out he had signs of being abused. After much care and patience, he was well enough to be adopted to a good home. Last I checked, he was playing happily in a huge house with two other rescued puppies, surrounded by new puppy supplies.

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