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We Heart Coneheads
Thanks for sharing your collared canines
  • Sugar, recovering from a dog bite in the eye, licks peanut butter (laced with medication) off her nose. By Lauren Grabelle.
  • Trap Jack (left) and Ahulani fighting bad skin allergies. Cones, T-shirts, booties help keep them from destructive scratching.
  • Cone shadow by Bev Sparks.
  • On left, J., whose constant happy wagging caused a wart on his tail to bleed; and Millie in stylish purple.

There’s something irresistable about a pups in plastic collars. Maybe it’s the way they frame and accentuate their heart-shaped noses, come-hither eyes and expressive ears. We asked for coneheads and We got 'em. Thanks for sharing them with us. We hope all dogs concerned have recovered beautifully. Meanwhile, check out just a few of our favorites here.

Thumbnail image by Lauren Grabelle.

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Submitted by Kathrine Konetz... | June 14 2010 |

Aw-w-w-w-w-w-w. I think we love "coneheads" because our dogs looks just so pathetic wearing them. I can't imagine they are much fun, but I understand the clear plastic cones are a little easier to wear and maneuver around in. Poor babies--I hope everyone made quick recoveries and got lots of pooch smooches in the process!

Submitted by Lisa Wogan | June 14 2010 |

Report from Emily Roberson: Both Trap Jack and Ahulani have their allergies under control and are cone, shirt, and bootie-free (except for special occasions). :-p)

Submitted by Chelsea | June 15 2010 |

J has made a full recovery! His tail didn't heal as pretty as it should because after much practice he was able to take off his collar and chew on the stitches * sigh *

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