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The Legality of Helping Chained Dogs
Court case dropped against dog advocate

Tamira Ci Thayne is the founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, which appeared in a previous blog called Have a Heart For Chained Dogs Week. The goal of this organization is to stop the constant chaining of dogs. They educate people about why constantly chaining dogs is inhumane and about the dangers of this practice.

Thayne has taken more direct action to help some of these unfortunate dogs, which has led to legal trouble. She was first arrested for taking a chained dog to the vet and refusing to return him. The dog had been chained for 13 years and left lying on the ground and unable to stand for three days when Thayne intervened.
This week, Thayne was appealing a trespassing charge in Pennsylvania for going onto someone’s property and providing the dogs chained there with food, straw, and water. These dogs were underweight and dealing with temperatures of -11 with the wind chill. Because Krystal Cann, the prosecution’s witness and owner of the property where the dogs were chained did not show up, the prosecution ended its criminal case against Thayne. Without this witness, they had little hope of proving their case. Cann’s dogs remain chained up.
Thayne is working to get legislation in Pennsylvania that will limit the amount of time that dogs can be chained up. This will make it easier to help dogs without breaking the law.



Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

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Submitted by Anonymous | May 13 2010 |

This is totally topsy-turvy. A woman is trying to help and protect animals and she gets put on trial.

Submitted by Tamira Ci Thayne | May 17 2010 |

Thanks for the blog, Karen! Fighting for the rights of dogs left changed has been both the most fulfilling and most frustrating experience of my life...but I'm not done yet, and I know that if we all pull together we WILL put a stop to this treatment of Man's Best Friend. Truth is, there's not a single difference between the shepherd laying on someone's floor or the shepherd sitting on the end of the chain, freezing, soaking wet, sad, and lonely. There is no "Outside" Dog. They are all dogs just like we all have laying on our sofas who want to be part of a family too. Dogs DO deserve better!

Submitted by Julia Gile | June 19 2010 |

If you saw a neighbor being attacked by a criminal, would you not assist them? If you saw an elderly person imprisoned in their own home by their age, would you not come to their rescue? There needs to be a sort of "Good Samaritan" law to protect those who assist the most vulnerable, even if it means trespassing. Just because it's private property, doesn't mean you can use it to torture and abuse animals. God bless Tamira and the others who selflessly put their lives and freedom on the line to ensure freedom for all. Thank you. I can only wish for a tenth of your courage and dedication.

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