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Free Webinar by Patricia McConnell
Helping Adopted Dogs Adjust to New Homes
Trisha McConnell and Willie
Trisha McConnell and Willie

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. is giving a free webinar this Thursday, December 6, 2012. Did you catch that? It’s a FREE webinar given by Trisha McConnell, who is a scientist, canine behaviorist, dog trainer, and one of the dog world’s most sought-after speakers. The webinar is called entitled Helping Adopted Dogs Adjust to New Homes.

It’s well known that the first few days, weeks, and months are critical for the success of the new relationships between adopted dogs and their adopters. Anyone who has ever adopted a new dog knows that the beginning can be both wonderful and challenging beyond imagination. Yet, most of the information available is aimed at people who are bringing a puppy into their life, which can be quite a different experience than adopting an adolescent or adult dog.

McConnell will offer practical advice about what to do on the first day, the best way to introduce the new dog to other dogs and people, and how to handle common behavioral problems. These are among the most common issues with new adoptions, and receiving support that includes answers to their questions can make a huge difference for people and dogs whose goal is a forever home. She will also discuss resources that are available for people who have just adopted an adult or adolescent dog.

Helping Adopted Dogs Adjust to New Homes is open to those involved in rescue or shelter work in some way whether as an animal welfare professional, a volunteer, or as a foster parent. Anyone can listen to the recorded version a few days later. For more information and to register, go the ASPCA website.


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

photo courtesy of Patricia McConnell

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Submitted by Anonymous | December 6 2012 |

Is this Webinar recorded for playback? I'd like to recommend it to many foster homes I work with.

Submitted by Disappointed Dummy | December 6 2012 |

After rearranging my schedule and looking forward to the webinar all day, I tuned in at 3:00 central time, instead of Eastern, and missed it. So bummed, as this is info I can really use to help cut down on returns to the shelter where I volunteer.
Please consider making it accessible to others like myself. Thank you!

Submitted by Terryann | December 7 2012 |

I too didn't get home in time for the webinar but would absolutely love to view the contents and share the information with the families who adopt our rescued dogs. Pat McConnell is fantastic so I'm sure I missed out on some great information. :-(

Submitted by Karen London | December 8 2012 |

I am trying to find out exactly when and how this webinar will be available. My understanding is that people will be able to listen to the recording of it at some point, but I don't know the details yet. As soon as I know, I will post a comment with the info here. Sorry for the delay!

Submitted by Sasforks | January 17 2014 |

I was very much eager to have piece of this information as I am a new owner of a very cute pet dog. I did feel that the webinar was indeed very useful to me.

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