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Pit Bulls Save Chihuahua From Coyote
The lucky little dog has good neighbors
Buster survived a coyote attack thanks to the neighbor's Pit Bulls.

The town of Littleton, Co., is on edge this summer due to coyote attacks on a young boy and pet dogs. Early Saturday morning, Buster the Chihuahua mix was grabbed by a coyote while he and his owner were outside their home. The neighbor's Pit Bulls chased after the coyote who then dropped Buster. The little dog crawled under a bush and the Pit Bulls guarded him until the coyote was gone and Buster's owner could rescue him. Buster will undergo surgery today for various injuries sustained during the attack. Hopefully, he will make a full and quick recovery. What struck me most about this incident was how the owner did not view the coyotes as "bad," nor did she see the Pit Bulls as completely "good." What are your thoughts on this unique dog-saves-dog story?


Julia Kamysz Lane, owner of Spot On K9 Sports and contributing editor at The Bark, is the author of multiple New Orleans travel guides, including Frommer’s New Orleans Day by Day (3rd Edition). Her work has also appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Poets and Writers and Publishers Weekly.

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Submitted by Beth Phillips | August 2 2010 |

I think this goes to show that not all pit bulls are bad.... some people with closed minds should watch the pit boss saturday nights at 9 pm.

Submitted by Kayla's Mom | August 3 2010 |

*Submitted by Beth Phillips on 2 August 2010 - 4:52pm.
I think this goes to show that not all pit bulls are bad.... some people with closed minds should watch the pit boss saturday nights at 9 pm.*

Uh...I beg to differ. That is one show that closed minded individuals SHOULDN'T watch when it comes to changing their perception of the APBT and bully breeds in general. That is a scripted show, that considers "stealing" a dog from a property as rescuing, amongst many other "uncool" things.

Showing the true nature of the bully breeds needs to be left up to the professionals, and not a bunch of characters from an acting agency. It also needs to be left up to those of us that have bully breeds as members of our families to educate the closed minded individuals in the best ways possible.

Closed minded individuals are just that and rarely will they change their mind. That is something that we need to understand.

Submitted by Jeanne | August 2 2010 |

I would agree with the homeowner that the coyotes are not all bad, they are wild animals and they have to eat too. But when they attack children and dogs, that is another thing. If coyotes were a problem here as bad as they are there, I would not not have taken the dog out off leash, and not without a gun in hand. This lady should be forever grateful to those Pit Bulls for saving hr dog. Of course there are bad Pit Bulls, but there are vicious Chihuahuas too. These guys saved her dog! They should both get a nice, big, juice steak from her!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 2 2010 |

Pitbulls are the most misunderstood breed around they are and can be the most loving kind breed its Humans that hurt the breed greedy selfish self centered Humans

Submitted by Kreacher The Pi... | August 2 2010 |

Coyotes do what coyotes need to do to survive their feral existence. Doesn't make 'em bad, just makes 'em coyotes.

Same with the pit bulls. They were doing what most pit bulls do - showing undaunted loyalty to humankind and protecting the helpless. Pit bulls and chihuahuas, as a rule, tend to have an unusual doggy bond - a phenomenal number of people have both breeds - so it stands to reason that these dogs, even though Buster was not in their pack, instinctively protected him. In this instance, the pit bulls were very good!

Now, I think I'll go curl up with my big male pit bull and my two five pound chihuahuas. They're a little bossy with him, but they might let him have a little corner of the sofa ;-)

Submitted by Stephanie | August 3 2010 |

"even though Buster was not in their pack"

This statement is without basis, because as humans we can not make the mistake of defining pack the same way we define family. Just because this Chihuahua did not live in the same house does not mean the pit bull did not recognize that animal as a pack member.

Pit Bulls, among other breeds form close bonded relationships, not necessarily limited to their owners. If the dogs interact in the neighborhood, it is quite reasonable to think the pit considered the chi in his pack, as my dog definitely considers the neighbor's dog who she walks with some nights as a pack member, and I wouldn't be so arrogant as to assume who else on our block she considers part of her pack.

Submitted by Anonymous | August 2 2010 |

Well the coyotes aren't bad, they're just hungry. The Pit Bulls, however, are great! :)

Submitted by I've got dibs o... | August 2 2010 |

Resource guarding?

Submitted by Anonymous | August 3 2010 |

pit-bulls are warm loving animals that just want to please their masters,if the masters are mean,nasty,violent,people,ALL DOGS, they are master over,will be the same.

Submitted by Christian Ketchum | August 3 2010 |

Go PITS! They are Smart Loyal and the best dogs I've ever had or worked with out of my five dogs my pits seem to always steal hearts! As well as working with numerous types of dogs at shelters even abused previous fighting Pit Bulls steal the Cake!! Do your research the breed is actually very positive but humans have taken advantage of their loyalty! Good Job Pits keep proving these people wrong!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2010 |

The coyote wasn't being bad, because it's a wild animal doing what comes natural: preying on smaller weaker animals for an easy meal.

The pit bulls weren't necessarily good, because they're doing what any breed with high prey drive would do: chase after animals.

I don't think the pit bulls were trying to save the Chihuahua or were even guarding it. I think the Chihuahua was just extremely lucky that the Pit Bulls were there and that the coyote was more interested in saving itself than a tiny meal. This article is only humanizing instinctual behavior, but it still makes an interesting story.

Submitted by Chelsea | August 7 2010 |

I share my life with an American Pit Bull Terrier and I love reading positive news about the breed. Although, I read this article and I actually agree with what you said. I believe that people don't really understand dogs and their nature so they rationalize it with human psychology. Thank you for solidifying my thoughts. It was a very interesting story. I'm glad the chihuahua wasn't killed and the pit bulls were not punished or turned into the bad guys.

Submitted by Anonymous | August 13 2010 |

So why weren't the pit bulls chasing the chi?

Submitted by Erik | August 14 2010 |

To all the people who say not ALL pits are bad; are you serious? NO PITS ARE BAD!!! it's idiots always the on the other side of the leash! C'mon! Pull your head out! As well! Quit defending he coyotes! They are what they are! Not bad nor good, they are predators of nature, that's it. That's life! As for the guy who said "they weren't gaurding the chi" : I think you don't know what you are talking about!!!!! Period! These are nanny dogs! Protecting humans AND animals in distress! Period! I have two rescued pitties that would die for me, you and anyone or else who needed protection! They have an predatorial drive, I know, but In all my experiences, they hav amazed me with their intuitive nature and the ability to act upon it in a protective manner! Do some research before you put your foot in your mouth, again!

Pits need as much support as they can get! APBT FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | November 12 2011 |

I hear you I was affraid of pitbulls but they are the biggest babies they are just like kids we took a pitty from peoplE thaT beat him and he is like my child I would die for my dog what people dont see is if u tease them they are like any other dog they nip first then if you dont sto they bit well they dont talk , its all the people that miss treat them love them and they will love u

Submitted by Marce | August 4 2010 |

Wow! I wish I had those Pit Bulls when my chihuahua was killed by a coyote. That happend in my driveway few feets from our front door! It was horrible! Pit Bulls are great dogs, I know it by my experience working with dogs. They are a missunderstood breed. Big kudos for the Pit Bulls owners! and my best wishes for Buster, I hope he gest well soon.

Submitted by jessica | August 4 2010 |

I love the story to begin with. it always fills good to hear about dogs helping other dogs. I have mixxed fillings about the pitbulls and the coyote.
i never view coyotes as bad, we have pushed them out of their normal homes and forced them to find food where ever they can. had we hof just allowed the wildlife to keep some of their normal homes and hunting grounds there would not be so many problems with wild life trying to live with humans., yes coyotes will kill and eat family pets, and if they fill threatened they will attack and kill a small human. but in their defense its our fault that they have resorted to doing this.
as for pitbulls? i have never thought pitbulls were bad dogs, they do not enter fight rings on their own free will, we humans force them there. they do not normally look for other animals or people to attack. but due to their great strength and the ability to lock their jaws we humans use them for very bad things. i had a golden retriever that split the skull of a pit bull (pit lived, but was terrorfied of my golden for the rest of his life) i guess what iam saying is pitbulls are loving and kind family pets if allowed to be and coyotes are harmless if allowed to remain where they belong

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2010 |

I thought this story was very nice and gives new hope for targeted breeds to be seen in their natural light instead of the media selling hysteria. Just wanted to clear up one thing the previous comment said regarding pit bull having locking jaws, because they don't. They have strong muscles in their head and mouth but they are just like any other K9 and have no special locking super powers. Thanks.

Submitted by Michelle | August 4 2010 |

Honestly...it amazes me that people still have believe in that stupid myth!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2010 |

Gotta love those Pit bulls!!! Mine would do the same thing and save their family members from intruders, even our small furry ones. They are loyal to the end!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2010 |

Pitbulls can't lock their jaws, by the way. Totally false. I'm glad the little guy was saved. Yeah!

Submitted by Michelle | August 4 2010 |

Of course they didn't...

Now had it have been a Lab she would have been praising the dog to the high heavens. I thought CO had a ban on Pits state wide anyway?

That lady should be grateful that their neighbors dog was there!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 4 2010 |

I love this story. I am a huge advocate for pitbulls. I work with them on a daily basis for the past 10 yrs. They are one of the most loveable and loyal breeds i have ever come across and i am extremely happy to see a good piece of publicity on them for a change. Thank-You so much for posting this. I also hope Buster makes a full recovery with no complications

Submitted by Anonymous | August 5 2010 |

Finally a positive story showcasing how awesome pitbulls can be! Love it!

Submitted by Ann | August 6 2010 |

it always amaze's me when i see or read of the inteligence of animals
what a wonderful story and i hope Buster recovers.

Submitted by Darla | August 15 2010 |

This story brought tears to my eyes pit bulls get such bad reps but honestly there kind loving loyal dogs! look this one saved a neighbors dog how cool is that!

Submitted by Mary | August 23 2010 |

Like Eric said! DOUBLE DITTO!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous | October 8 2010 |

I just adopted a pitbull from a local shelter. She is the sweetest, best behaved dog I have ever owned. I already had 3 chihuahuas, and she is fine with them. More specifically, she mostly ignores them and does her own thing. When I walk them all together, it's quite a sight, and they all have a great time. My pitbull doesn't even pay attention to my cats! Last, although chihuahuas are notoriously "difficult" with small children, those that I own and another that I no longer have, have always been very good with kids 3 and older. So don't believe all the negative hype about either of these breeds. Just like people, they need to be judged on an individual basis.

Submitted by Anonymous | March 26 2011 |

I have 2 pitfalls and a Doxie my Doxie is a lot more meaner then my other 2... I give props to the 2 pits for saving the chi life.. pits are loyal and like some one else mention they just want to please.. pits have bad taps due to how the owner raises their dog any dog can be aggressive not just a pit. So to the person that said pits are bad breeds you needs to get more educated about the breed I won't own any other breed when it comes to getting another dog can

Submitted by TJ | July 26 2011 |


Submitted by Bo | August 19 2011 |

Thank you for sharing the story with us dog lovers. I'm also an empassioned wildlife advocate as well. I believe in the inherent respect for all living creatures, and coyotes will behave as any other predator. It's we humans who anthropomorphize dogs, coyotes and other species, and attempt to place such labels upon them. The coyotes were simply behaving as the predators they are, and the pit bulls clearly felt a pack energy surrounding their protective actions. I'm certain the chihuahua's guardian was more than grateful for their loyalty. But I believe we should be careful not to demonize the coyotes and get overreactive. They are simply out there hunting, as they will do with cats and other small creatures. It's up to us to keep our pets safe, as we are the moral, conscious creatures.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a viewpoint. I wish you dog lovers all the best with your respective friends. And remember, autumn is coming upon us in the Rockies, where all of our pets will become vulnerable to the food chain, should we fall unaware. It's part of the natural tendencies.



Submitted by mariah mead | October 16 2011 |

I feel so bad for you and your chihuahua how old was he when he got attacked by that coyote.And where I live we haven't seen any turkeys anymore.And my neighbor saw a coyote in her woods in her backyard a few nights ago.And I hope Buster survives the surgery today.

Submitted by Anonymous | November 16 2012 |

I would agree that the coyote was not "bad" as it is their nature to be a predator but I think the owner of the little dog is blinded by media and stereotypes about pit bulls. Not all are bad and clearly her neighboring pits are not bad yet she still chooses to see them in a "not good" view. I think thats garbage as they are the ones who saved her dogs life while she sat back and waited for the attacking animal to go away. The pits did not they protected and didn't worry about their own health or safety.

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