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How I Found My Dog
Parvo puppy found us
Riley, the Parvo puppy

This is Riley. She is a 5-month-old Pit Bull mix. She found us on a cold and blistering midnight in February. My partner and I were living in a one-bedroom apartment with two cats, not looking for a dog until we purchased our first home. When she stuck her little block head through our back porch, she was soaked and shivering with bones sticking out all over and a perfect burn mark on her little forehead.


We, of course, rushed her inside and never looked back. Four days later she got sick, and we rushed her to the emergency clinic around one in the morning. She spent the next seven days being carted back and forth from her our regular vet to the E-vet, she was under constant 24-hour isolation watch and all we could hope for was breathing. We would go visit her and she would lift up her head and give us a little wag in her E-collar. She went in weighing 18 pounds, came out a week later at 10 pounds.


Now, almost five months later, she’s up to almost 50 pounds! It was the saddest thing either of us have been through, and I want to raise awareness about this disease. But in short no one wanted this sick little puppy, they let her free knowing she was sick, she knew we were ready for her, and she knew we could help her.



Photo by Courtney Milam.

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Submitted by Anonymous | August 9 2010 |

She is precious! I should know since she is my Grand-dog! We love her dearly!

Submitted by Maura | August 9 2010 |

Such a cute girl! Great story and so glad she found you guys! Good job with her:)

Submitted by hayley | August 10 2010 |

this is one special puppy. she is as sweet and as smart as they come. i am so glad to be the other mom to this amazing pup. love you riley!!!

Submitted by Dog Adoption | August 13 2010 |

I admire how you took Parvo in and took care of him. What I read from http://www.trainpetdog.com/dog-adopting.html is true. Getting and adopting a dog is like having a baby. You've got to take care of its needs. I can see that he's better with you now.

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