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Jon Stewart Walking the Dog

So sweet to see that Jon Stewart walking his three-legged dog, Champ is being written about by the online media, from Huffiington Post  to E-Online . We certainly know just how great a dog lover Stewart is, after being invited to spend a whole day behind the scenes at the Daily Show’s office last year. We were so inspired by their approach to a dog friendly workplace—with free-range dogs integral to the unique office ambience—that we awarded them our first Best Place to Work award. Do check out the slideshow of Champ and Jon Stewart.


Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com
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Submitted by Marlene | May 10 2013 |

I also have a three legged dog. If you love your pet you do your best to save them, from whatever is hurting. Thank you for being a true human. Your pet picked one of the best.

Submitted by jlj | May 11 2013 |

I am a fan of both Stewart and three legged dogs. Four dogs ago I rescued a Basset Hound who began life in a puppy mill. He had lifelong temperament issues and after a time as a three legged dog lost his battle to a rare cancer shy of his sixth birthday. I learned so much from him. When I brought him home from him amputation (on Thanksgiving of all days), we were having a serious discussion about how we will deal with his recuperation, planning schedules to help him outside to void his bowels and bladder, and so on. He had other plans. When my mother arrived for a quiet dinner he hopped up on to his three legs and walked over to her, tail wagging. And he couldn't wait until he could return to his favorite dog park. He didn't waste time pondering whether he was still a "whole dog", he didn't waste energy in self pity, he got back to the business of living.

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