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Happy Birthday, Betsy!
Scottsdale pup turns 20

Betsy will join rarified company when she celebrates her 20th birthday on Friday at home with James and Meryl Tulin, her three veterinarians and their staff, and her two canine cousins. She’s beaten some pretty long odds and deserves a shout out on her big day.

The Tulins found Betsy on a golf course near their Long Island, N.Y., home 19 years ago. She was badly injured with a hip and pelvis injury. “We noticed she had no identification collar and immediately took her home with us,” they explain. “We then posted a lost notice throughout the area only to find that no one claimed her.” The next day, they took her to the veterinarian who treated her injuries; he estimated she was about one-year-old at the time.
Part Pomeranian and part-something else, maybe Corgi, Betsy is still quite perky. She romps around the house like a puppy and rules a roost that includes a four-year-old Golden Retriever named Lily and a nine-year-old Shih Tzu named Winnie.
“Betsy loves donuts, Chessman Cookies and steak and also thoroughly enjoys chicken of which she has had a steady diet for the past fifteen years,” report the Tulins, who moved to Scottsdale, Ariz., about 15 years ago. “We have been truly blessed to have our love with us for so long as each and every day she lights up our life and fills our home with unmitigated happiness and joy!”
Do you have a canine senior citizen with a special story? We’d love to hear it.


Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of, most recently, Dog Park Wisdom. lisawogan.com
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Submitted by Sonya | August 19 2010 |

My sweet girl- a bigger dog (60 lbs) - who passed last fall - lived a joyful 18 years (15 of those years with me.

Submitted by Val | August 19 2010 |

How fantastic is that! Happy Birthday Betsy!!!!

Submitted by Cynthia & Steve... | August 19 2010 |

Our dog Pumpkin just passed away Monday at the age of 18+. She was a Terrier Mix who we found 17 years ago at a favorite shopping area. We are so happy that no one answered our Lost Dog ad in the newspaper, as she was the light of our lives for 17 years!!

Pumpkin loved running, eating (especially vanilla wafers and donuts), and most of all, being with her family.

We miss her so much.

Submitted by Cynthia & Steve... | August 19 2010 |

I forgot to mention that Pumpkin was featured as a "smiling dog" in the April 2008 issue of The BARK magazine, as well as in The BARK's "Dog Joy" coffee table book. :-)

Submitted by Donna | August 19 2010 |

Happy Birthday Betsy!!

Submitted by Ann | August 20 2010 |

Happy Birthday Betsy, and many more! You go girl!!

Submitted by Anonymous | August 20 2010 |

How wonderful for Betsy and her people. I wish her a wonderful day with all the love she can handle. We had C.Thomas Dog for almost 18 years and I cherish every memory. Again Happy B-Day Betsy. I'd sing to you but my dogs protest every time I sing, I've promised not to. :-)

Submitted by Julia Kamysz Lane | August 25 2010 |

Happy 20th birthday, Betsy! I love hearing stories about happy senior dogs. I also get a kick out of the fact that donuts are a staple of her diet. If sweets are the key to longevity, then I'm in good shape! :)

Our Catahoula, Desoto, turns 13 in September but we've been finding little ways to celebrate rather than wait for a big birthday bash. Sometimes, I sneak him a bite of chicken or steak under the table, or get him a Pup Cup at Starbucks while running errands. Riding in the car is harder on him these days, so we've been walking a lot. This gives him a chance to hunt frogs, and smell (and mark!) the world, his favorite pastimes.

Submitted by Anonymous | September 2 2010 |

Yesterday, Sept 1st, we lost our precious Beagle "Spunky".
We got her at 6 weeks old and had her for 16 years.
She will be missed for a very long time.
We still have 2 other Beagles that are lookingeverywhere for her.
She had a special spot in each room of the house.
The bond between pet and human is incredible.
I don't know who was better for who. She certainly made our lives more rich each and every day :)

Submitted by linda | September 3 2010 |

What a wonderfully blessed and loved dog Betsy is! Happy Birthday, Betsy!!

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