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My Dog Is Strange
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When @the_bark tweeted my dog is strange—because, well, ours sure are—we were happy to discover we aren’t alone. There are lots of bubble-blowing, crazy-staring, cupboard-sleeping wonderfully odd pups out there. To find keep up with these canine eccentricities and to tweet into future conversations, follow us on Twitter, where we ponder weighty issues, such as our dog’s weird habits, most Thursdays. Right now, we’re focused on how dogs get their names.


Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of canine peculiarities from our readers:
AxleWeinberg @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog sticks her entire nose and mouth in the water dish and blows bubbles.
pawsitivepaw @the_bark #mydogisstrange He hates to get wet, won’t go out in the rain, hates baths, etc., but he loves to play in the sprinklers.
AlecHosterman @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog has to get her “potty pass” (a toy) if she wants to go outside 
ScienceRat @the_bark #mydogisstrange My dog will eat french fries but won’t touch potato chips. 
EllaBellaHound @the_bark #mydogisstrange Ella sleeps in a cupboard! Albeit a walk in wardrobe thingie.

DiscoWonderPup  @the_bark #mydogisstrange What if you think your human is strange? ; ) 
siriusbstudio @the_bark #mydogisstrange Violet is weird because she likes to hang out in the bath tub. Unless it’s bath time.
geoggirl @the_bark #mydogisstrange Ginger likes to snore while staring at you with her eyes wide open...kinda freaky. 
gingela5 @the_bark #mydogisstrange One of my dogs demands an apology when you sneeze/sniff. She will stare at you until you say “I’m Sorry...” 
eddiemczee @the_bark #mydogisstrange Baron Von BisBark is strange because he likes cat food more than dog food. 
Cowbelly @the_bark #mydogisstrange Fergie is strange because she stares at me all. the. time. #weird #alittlecreepy 
emileefuss @the_bark #mydogisstrange Buddy is strange b/c he is obsessed with reflections, won’t walk in wet grass, and is afraid of other dogs’ poop.
thisisvandie @the_bark #mydogisstrange George is strange because if you hold him in the air and call his name he won’t stop running. 


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Photo: Flickr, FrANk.H ^.^

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Submitted by Tina | July 16 2010 |

My dog Lucy who is a beagle, is obsessed with going to bed. If it's dark outside, she huffs and puffs until I go in the bedroom and then she jumps on the bed and uses the pillow next to me and is snoring within five minutes.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 16 2010 |

Rainy is strange at bed time, she washes her sisters face before going to sleep.. they are both Pom's...
different breeders......

Submitted by Anonymous | July 18 2010 |

my foster dog is a 'bed shark'-he looms under the covers, darting out of the edges so I will laugh!

Submitted by Anonymous | July 19 2010 |

My 70lb dog likes to eat one kibble at a time. She will take it out of her bowl and walk around the corner to eat it, then go back for another one, etc.

Submitted by Lora | July 20 2010 |

When Scout see's one of the other dogs playing w/something he wants, he will grab the closest thing to him and start tossing it in the air and acting like it is the most wonderful thing that he has ever encountered. When the other dogs come to check it out, he goes and helps himself to the thing that he originally wanted!

Submitted by The Dog Lover | July 20 2010 |

My jack russell Frida is weird because she eats the fuzz off of ANYTHING!!!! Weither its my sofa or my socks, she will pull it off, then act like it's the worst thing she has ever tasted! Then. . . she goes and does it again!! Its the funniest thing!

Submitted by at2002 | July 21 2010 |

My shelties loved corn on the cob. They would each get a cob to enjoy on the back porch, which they would hold between their paws and carefully nibble off the remaining corn, but not eat the cob.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 25 2010 |

My dog Jett is strange because, as a part lab, he always has to have something in his mouth when he goes outside or comes inside. Going out is no big deal, he'll grab a toy. But coming inside, he usually grabs -- a rock. I have quite a collection I need to take back outside from time to time. The worse part is, he has been known to swallow them!

Submitted by Kelly | July 25 2010 |

My dog, Mandy, has so many little quirks... She always wants to get treats while sitting on a mat of some sort; could be a bath mat, dog bed, towel on the ground, etc., but some sort of mat. If I get out a treat to give her and we are in a room with no mat, she will run into another room and sit on a mat and wait for me to come in there and give her a treat. She actually looks around in a panic trying to find a mat.

Submitted by Anonymous | July 26 2010 |

My dog hates change. If I hang a new picture on the wall. He barks at it for twenty minutes. If i bring something new into the house that wasnt there the last time he looked, he freaks out and barks at it!

Submitted by Dogmom of three | July 28 2010 |

Our sheltie/golden mix is fascinated with bugs and will even flip on his back to view them more carefully....sometimes he will crawl parallel alongside the bug as he completes his "analysis".

Submitted by Anonymous | July 28 2010 |

Zoe and Izzie are strange because they both lay up on the backs of couches, they lay with one paw tucked, will tear little parts off their toys, not eat them, and make a neat little pile next to them and they have the same strange habits

Submitted by Anonymous | November 16 2010 |

My puggle can be the craziest dog in the world running around and causing general havoc, but as soon as we put any clothes on him (especially his ' sleepy-man-sweater')he calms down instantly and goes to sleep!!?!

Submitted by Anonymous | January 3 2011 |

My 7 month old maltipoo is the exact same way! He runs around my apartment getting into everything but as soon as I put his sweater on, he runs to a spot to get comfy and just lays.

Submitted by B Glamser | November 28 2013 |

I have a toy poodle puppy that is 13 weeks old. When I leave him to go to work I put him in a playpen with a pee pad and a bed. I use to leave him water but he is an escape artist and I thought he was falling in the bowl since I always found him wet. It is only his beard, chest, and front arms that are wet. Today I left him alone for only 2.5 hrs and when I got home again he was wet but I didn't leave him any water this time. He was wet again, and not just damp. I have to towel his lower face off, chest, and forearms. Why is he wet? Could excessive barking make him wet? I thought it might be from teething but the only time this happens is when I leave him alone.
Has anyone else experienced this and did you figure out what was going on? I am worried about him.

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