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Dog and a Friendly Owl

With over 1million views, many of you have probably seen this video, but it was new to me when a friend showed it to me.

We have a dog very much like the one here, and it is great to see the dog's patience and acceptance of the owl's attention. I do think that our Lola would also sit so still and welcome this feathery friendship.

Claudia Kawczynska is The Bark's co-founder and editor in chief. thebark.com
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Submitted by kathy | January 25 2014 |

I would not let the owl around my dog like these people did. the owl could have caused serious injury to the dog. were the caregivers stupid or what? the owl is a predator and has very sharp claws.

Submitted by lisa gerlinger | January 28 2014 |

the dog could just as easily harm the owl mind you. its pretty clear that these two are buddies and have no intention of harming each other. chill out.

Submitted by se | January 28 2014 |

Um, just going to point out that dogs are predators and have very sharp teeth and very strong jaws.

Submitted by Julia | January 28 2014 |

You are a pecker head.
This owl is young and it would appear has been in the dog's life from a very young age, as they are quite comfortable with each other.
Take into consideration as well, the possible damage that the dog could have done to the bird.

Smarten up, or keep your ridiculous comments to yourself.

Submitted by Mel | January 28 2014 |

Are you serious? It's a baby owl... Granted, probably one that will forever think dogs aren't predators to fear with their claws and sharp teeth.

Submitted by Salena | January 28 2014 |

The owl isnt fully grown. He is just playing around with he dog and obviously the dog doesnt mind. If the owl was at all agressive the people would have scared it away since they were also obviously standing there filming this. Chill out, take a chillpill, drink some tea and appreciate a good laugh and cute video.

Submitted by sheryl | January 28 2014 |

I agree with the other comment I saw...I would have never allowed my dog to be left in this situation. Even if the owl had no predator intent, their claws are huge and sharpe..just watching this I was concerned for the dog's eye. Come on people...the dog looked anxious to me or maybe just watchful, but Not 'Patient and welcoming'.

Submitted by Debbie | January 28 2014 |

The comment that they are stupid is not a constructive comment. I don't think the people were stupid. I imagine they know their dog's temperament as well at the owls behavior, and felt comfortable about the interaction.

Submitted by Barbara Wertz | January 29 2014 |

Isn't it obvious that the owl is young and the dog is not at all concerned? I have a book called "Unlikely Friendships" where many animals are paired up and choose to be 'friends' despite predator-prey status. Nat. Geo. did a TV show similar in topic and showed a zoo-born cheetah raised with a Labrador Retriever pup and they have lived together since they were little. Let's all just enjoy what is obviously a lovely video and stop trying to outsmart the other.

Submitted by Carolyn | January 29 2014 |

We had a rescue owl for 11 years that was free flying outside our home. She and our small dog got along fine. Sometimes it is not all about claws, teeth, predators and carnivores. Different species can form a bond. Sometimes nature can be both charming and innocent. Enjoyed this, thanks.

Submitted by anka brouwers | January 30 2014 |

This is amazing. I have a video I have to find. We also had a griffon and baby great horned owl in the 60's that my dad filmed. Thank you for sharing.

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