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Rufo's Story

This video is the story of Rufo, a pit bull mix who, though loving and sweet, could not get adopted. He was deposited at a muncipal shelter at age one. For the next six years he lived in a cage twenty two hours a day.

Now adopted and one of our Smiling Dogs in our new issue. Rufo has many reasons to be smiling now.


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Submitted by Pamela Witt / Z3Mom | January 30 2014 |

What a testimonial to Rufo's spirit and Jon's heart! I am SOOOOO happy for the 2 of them!!!!!

Submitted by Eva | January 31 2014 |

That was such a lovely story. Beautiful Rufo is happy. Congratulations to all of the loving folks who made this happen.

Submitted by BrooklynDogLover | January 31 2014 |

So happy he finally found his match, but hearing about those six years spent in a cage makes me angry. There's a big difference between no-kill and living. Welcome to the 21st century, no-kill shelters. Play groups? Enrichment toys? Exercise? These should be standard in ALL no-kill shelters without exception and they increase adoption rates and pay for themselves. Again, happy he found his happy ending, but he sure had to endure a lot of unnecessary anguish to get there.

Submitted by Gloria | February 3 2014 |

I agree. I would presume that lack of money is what makes that sort of program difficult, and lack of skilled volunteers to handle the dogs in these shelters. But it would be nice to see enrichment and exercise take root and start becoming the norm for no-kill shelters.

Submitted by Ainslie Sheridan | February 21 2014 |

Yonkers Animal Shelter, like most municipal shelters, operates on a very limited budget. The two excellent and overworked trainers, the loyal wonderful volunteers, and the coordinator who, not only makes sure every dog is posted on their Faceook page, not once but again and again, would be the first to appreciate more toys, logistics for more play groups, and enough volunteers to walk the many, many dogs. Please, feel free to click on https://www.facebook.com/YonkersShelter and share the names of the wonderful dogs on your Facebook page. As was the case with Rufo it was sharing that finally got him to his wonderful owner and best friend.

Submitted by Gaye Folsom | January 31 2014 |

I am so happy this dog found love and a home of his own.That was no life in a cage.Now he is free.

Submitted by Cindy | February 1 2014 |

This brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful for Rufo!

Submitted by Lois Vassilion | February 1 2014 |

Inspiring story for rescuers! We can never give up on them!

Submitted by Anonymous | February 3 2014 |

Such a sweet story!

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