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Weekly Smiler 5-12-14
Smiling Dogs
  • Hank
  • Meelo
  • Polly
  • Trumper
  • Whiskey

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This week: Hank, Meelo, Polly, Trumper and Whiskey.

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Submitted by Leah Spears | May 13 2014 |

Way to go Trumper Flash Avagadro!!! We are so proud of you!!! You represent our Hounds in style!!

Submitted by Emeli Koleini | May 14 2014 |

Thank you so much for making my amazing best friend your daily smiler! it had ME smiling all day long, that's for sure! trumper is truly a one of a kind dog (i know all our dogs are, yes...haha), but seriously--i sometimes think TWC's (& other high energy and sometimes notoriously hard to handle/not city-life friendly breeds) are simply overlooked in shelters across the country. most of all, i wanted trumper to represent the fundamental message&reminder that sometimes these dogs can make for the best of friends, and are more than willing to adapt to your own lifestyle, assuming you can meet their most basic exercise requirements. my hound is my best friend at the end of the day, & i couldn't ask for much more. :)

Submitted by Christy | May 20 2014 |

I think Honey girl and Polly could be long lost soul sisters

Submitted by Christy | May 20 2014 |

Hank is a hunk of love, along came Polly, Meelo- me hi,Whiskey a go go, Trumper ya didn't even know her;)