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What Kind Of Dog Were You?
This quiz sees me differently than I see myself
Two retrievers or a retriever and a Dachshund?

While wasting time on Facebook yesterday—I’m not proud, but it’s been known to happen—I came across a link to a quiz that an unusually high number of my friends had shared, which piqued my interest. The question this quiz asks is, “What kind of dog were you in a past life?”

I’ve taken a lot of quizzes over the years about what type of dog would best suit me as a pet, but I have yet to look into this mechanism for finding out about my inner self. In a way, that’s surprising, as I have previously described my own children by considering the dog breeds that share their traits. (My oldest is a Greyhound and my youngest is a Vizsla/Irish Setter Mix.) I often try to understand other people by thinking of characteristics that they have in common with various dog breeds, but I had yet to do this with myself.

Therefore, I was eager to see what insights were in store for me. I took the quiz twice because I didn’t feel confident about my answers to all of the questions. It is my opinion that the quiz was not spot on for me in declaring that I was either a Dachshund or an English Bulldog in a past life. On the other hand, what would be the point of such an exercise if it simply churned out an answer I was expecting, such as a Bearded Collie or perhaps some kind of retriever?

What sort of dog do you identify with, and does this quiz view you the same way?


Karen B. London, PhD, is a Bark columnist and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of serious behavior problems in the domestic dog.

photo by Tom Alexander

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Submitted by Karen | June 10 2014 |

My results were also surprising. I got: Rottweiler

You were a Rottweiler. Good-natured and steady, you calm everyone down. You are fearless and have a relaxed and laid back personality.

I would have thought I was some kind of cuddly, slightly dopey Spaniel.

Submitted by Karen London | June 11 2014 |

Karen, it appears that every Karen who takes the quiz is surprised by the results! Thanks for sharing!

Submitted by JoYouDog | June 10 2014 |

It would be a very bad dog indeed who had to come back as a human. I can't believe there has never been such a bad dog. At the end of their lives with us dogs enter directly into a state of Nirvana.

Submitted by Darren | June 10 2014 |

Hi Karen, very cool! But what type of dog would you be now? Check out this quiz I found... http://www.lovemypet.com.au/dquiz/

Submitted by Karen London | June 11 2014 |

Darren, this quiz told me that I am a Labrador Retriever. Thanks for the link--these quizzes are a lot of fun!

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